Thursday, July 23, 2009

Support GOLD!

A while back, I asked for suggestions for some free advertising space on my site. There were plenty of good suggestions, including more than a few I’ve stored away for later. But the endeavor I decided to give my space to as of now is the web series GOLD.

For those of you who haven’t seen GOLD, it’s the “web series that does double damage”. Yep, it’s a show about gamers. Gamers getting ready to compete in an international gaming competition between the U.S. and England. In the show, gaming is a spectator sport, but it is a declining one (I like the irony there). The U.S. team is trying to get ready, but internal conflict, injuries, and the uncertainty of the future of their sport threaten to tear them apart. And so help me if that premise doesn’t work.

GOLD is a grassroots, independent production. These are actors and actresses who have put their own time and money on the line to make something for the hobby for others to enjoy—something every small-press garage-based RPG company and every aspiring and struggling RPG writer can identify with. GOLD’s people are our people.

If GOLD were yet another poorly-acted web-based travesty, this might all be moot. But the players of GOLD have brought us a well-acted web series, one that just isn’t over-the-top gamer comedy or a self-hating mockumentary. The writing combines a sensitivity with the feel for the passion we have as gamers. GOLD is unique among most multimedia RPG-themed endeavors in that it actually seems able to tap into that passion. There’s comedy, sure, but there’s also scenes where there’s surprisingly good suspense and drama.

Right now, the folks behind the gamers are looking for financing and sponsorship to bring a 2nd season of this show to us. I hope they find some of that at this year's Gen Con, but in the mean time, I hope we can help out a bit. I’ve put up that banner to support their efforts, and it’s my hope that after viewing the show, it inspires you to do something along those lines as well. Put up a banner, include a link in your message board forum, or donate directly. Let’s take care of our own, and keep a great show on the web!

(For more on GOLD, check out this Tome Show podcast interview with Producer, Actor, Director, etc., David Nett).


James V said...

You wouldn't believe the Small World shock I had when I watched the first episode of GOLD and realized that I went to the same High School as Mr. Nett! He preceds me by a few years, but it feels kinda nice to realize that I wasn't the only gamer growing up in that small, quiet part of a small, quiet state.

I really ought to check my digital pockets. GOLD is quality stuff.

David Nett said...

Zachary - thanks so much for the post and the space in your sidebar, man. I cannot begin to explain how much that means to me!

And James V - thanks for the nice note - Lakers rule! Also, thanks for saying "a few years" instead of the likely 10 or 15 or more ;-)

There's actually a sizable NoDak presence in the show: Chad Schnaible (Burlington) is one of our producers, Bob Brewer (Minot) is Jackson and Shannon Nelson (Minot) plays Martha. Of course, much of the show is derived from my original high school gaming group back at good old DLBHS.

-David Nett
Executive Producer, GOLD

Rolf said...

Yes, GOLD is a great show! I found out about it a couple of weeks ago, and really thought it was tonnes better than much of the other attempts at gamer culture sorts of media endeavours. Come payday, I'll be seeing what I can spare. I'll also post this in my sig on the D&D boards [primarily German-speaking, but you never know!]