Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Survey Follow-up

Well, we're nearing in on 200 responses to the Sci-Fi RPG Magazine Survey, and I wanted to thank everyone who's offered their input thus far. I'm going to let the poll run a few more days, but I have found a couple items already I feel comfortable in sharing:

-People are all over the map as far as what sci-fi systems like enjoy! The only RPG systems that were close to 40% of respondents or over were Traveller, d6 Star Wars, and Gamma World. But there were lots of games in the 10-15% of respondents range. I'd say that points towards a system-generic (or at least system-lite or system-separate) type of setup, but the jury's still out.

-Some people get really, really upset when you don't include their Favorite Game on a survey. Even when you added the "Other" fill-in-the-blank option for just such a purpose. I am sorry I'd didn't add such favorites as Alternity, but frankly, if I'd have kept going, I'd have had 500 options, and someone still would have complained about not seeing Option 501. Trust me, every single response will be considered!

-People really, really like and want Deckplans! (Me too!) There's also much more interest in Science Fantasy or "Sword and Planet" than I would have suspected. (But you have to admit, it's one cool genre!).

Thanks to everyone who's volunteered to help or is interested in taking the time to find about more about this potential project. I firmly believe the hobby is at its best when we get together and collaborate on projects (like the One Page Dungeon Contest) that combine a sense of legacy with fostering new creativity.

If you know of someone who you think might be interested in this, please steer them this way and to the survey! I'll be keeping everyone updated with more of the survey results (and fate of the project) as they firm up.

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