Sunday, August 30, 2009

AD&D Intellivsion Style

I remember seeing this over at a friend of my dad's place when I was young:


ze bulette said...

wow - only 3 or 4 arrows for a red dragon! 8 bit goodness.

Francis Bousho said...

Well it certainly has the dungeon exploration going for it. But I'm still going to stick with my original Pool of Radiance for the king of single player D&D video games.

dicemonkey said...

Al it's about is combat! That's not D&D! Why, it's just a tactical wargame at that point! This game came out far too soon after the previous edition! Now all my old cartridges are worthless! This game limits my creativity!

There. Did I make all the arguments against this game that people make about 4e? Or should I keep going?

Thanks for the video, Zach!