Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gen Con Running Liveblog: Day 3

Hello, and Greetings from Gen Con Indy! We'll be updating with news and pics through the day! You're welcome to comment and request coverage of various products and booths--after all, this is for you! If you missed Day 1 and Day 2 coverage, make sure you check it out!

Check back throughout the day as this article is updated. You can also follow RPG Blog 2's updates on theRPGsite (caution: contains some strong language) and Twitter. Enjoy!

First off, here's a few pics from earlier that I haven't included yet:

Say what you will, WotC has some awesome statues for their games.

Another shot of the Green Ronin booth. One of my least favorite settings of all time, Blue Rose was featured.

Jedi, Jedi everywhere...

This girl had tons of pictures taken of her. What's really creepy is when girls aren't dressed up and guys still take pictures--especially without permission. Gen Con isn't always a bastion of social etiquette.

It does my heart good to see Space: 1889 still represented!

This will be a busy day, between my game and seminar, but I still have some booths I've promised to get to. My daughter will also be with me for a while today--it's hard to tell which one of us is more excited!

12:20: Just finished up a great Microlite74 game. I had wonderful players, and we had a lot of fun trying to get as much loot as they could out of the dungeon.

We had breakfast with the good folks of GOLD: The Series. We had a great time and some great discussion. That's half the fun of Gen Con, is just talking to folks who get the hobby.

Michael S (Chgowiz), Bonemaster, and I wil be part of the 2009 GM's Jam in about an hour, but I wanted to get a quick update in.

Met RPG Diehard today--great to put the name to the face (or vice versa). He was in our Microlite game, and with the rest of the party, acquitted himself admirably.

By request, here's a shot of the IPR booth.

Here's another shot of the Cubicle 7 booth. It's near-impossible to get a shot of the whole group at once.

Ever wonder where the Black Gamer T-Shirt comes from?

Life-Size Magic.

Saturday is the best day for costumes.

More later. Thanks again to my Microlite players, who made it such a great time!

15:24: We had a great GM's seminar! Here is a picture of (left to right) Josh Dalcher of Stupid Ranger, myself, Jeff U. of The Bone Scroll, Michael Shorten of Chgowiz's Blog, and Tony Law of RPGCentric. I think we all agreed we want to do this again in 2010.

I thought we got a lot of great advice out of the attendees. I hope some of them turn their efforts online, because they'd be a welcome addition to our community.

The Privateer Booth was busy, but perhaps not quite as manic as last year.

I love the Expeditious Retreat Press booth! They're one of the best small-press publishers out there. Good to see Joseph and Suzie staying busy.

Some of the WotC staff are getting in trouble for staying in the press room too much while waiting for interviews. Perhaps they're trying to intimidate us! Get out of our room, WotC!

I don't quite agree the Exile Game Studio booth design. It was recessed, with sort of a dark interior. Not an eye-grabber.

This has to be one of my favorite pics I've taken thus far.

I took lots more photos today, but I'm getting ready to spend some time here with my daughter. I'll be doing a big ole update tonight.


There was an evacuation over a burning smell from Gen Con this evening, but thankfully it was after the exhibit hall closed. By then, I had taken my daughter home for the evening, so I can't say much more on that.

My daughter and I had a wonderful time. She helped me pick out some new uninked dice at the Gamescience Booth, and Lou Zocchi engaged her in some back-and-forth banter. She thought he was hilarious. The Colonel and I discussed inking dice for a bit (he said put clear nail polish over the number when done inking). We also saw the dEverything (D-Total), which is daunting, but oh so very cool.

The boffer area always cracks me up. There are some hilarious photos to be had. It seems like a lot of fun. You need a waiver, though!

That's right, it wouldn't be Gen Con without a giant booth full of hentai! Please identify the culprits in this picture, and ban them from future Gen Cons.

That's right, it wouldn't be Gen Con without the Forge booth! Please identify the culprits in this picture and...(kidding, kidding!).

As you can see, Saturday is PACKED at Gen Con.

Good to see Giant in the Playground here!

Another fun day, with lots of great friends and great events. This has been a strange year, but the more folks I hang out with, the more fun I have. And this year has been great for meeting people I really esteem.

It's been nice to have a couple of people tell me they picked up this game or that due to something I wrote. I know there are a lot of blogs dialed in to a single game or pretty much in the pocket of a single company, and I certainly think there's room for all of them out there. But there are just too many great games for me to only blog about just a single one. Yeah, I've got my favorites. But I hope you can count on me to continue to provide you with a pretty diverse range of RPGs you might wish to check out.

Day 4 is tomorrow. Even if it's all ending, don't be too sad. We've got enough to talk about for a long time, and plenty to look forward to next year. I'll be doing a little update at some point tomorrow, to be followed by some closing notes.


Torsten said...

I was wondering if Privateer Press had a both there this year?

HinterWelt said...

XRP Zach?

Zachary The First said...

Ah yes--Privateer and XRP. Privateer is slammed, but perhaps a little off from a normal year. Hard to tell. Will be getting shots of both this afternoon.

Torsten said...

Thank you very much for checking out Privateer for me. :) Keep up the good work.

Chgowiz said...

Man, I look scary in that pic! My eyes are glowing! Can I learn how to do that during my games? :D

It was a great panel! Thank you for having me on there.

Tony Pace said...

Forge booth?

HinterWelt said...

Thanks Zach (although I did not see any squirrels there ;) )!

Zachary The First said...

Ah, I am sad to say my SA! game fell apart. Two of my players were stuck in a tourney, and no rescheduling worked for all. :(

Rob Lang said...

Thanks for the C7 pic. I think I see the person I'm after.

Tony Pace said...

Yeah, the Forge pic is much appreciated too. I think I see my partner in crime as well.