Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gen Con Running Liveblog: Day 4

Hello, and Greetings from Gen Con Indy! We'll be updating with news and pics through the day! You're welcome to comment and request coverage of various products and booths--after all, this is for you! If you missed Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 coverage, make sure you check it out!

Check out this nifty video about the Pathfinder waiting line and reaction (hat tip Benoist!)

Forgot to post this yesterday, but here's a shot of Rick Loomis at Flying Buffalo, still doing his thing. Definitely part of the Old Guard.

Also, Q-Workshop was totally slammed on Saturday! They make some of the most eye-catching dice out there, even if they are insanely expensive. Their Pathfinder and Earthdawn sets were fantastic, but I couldn't get a good shot.

Lots of folks packing up and heading out or getting ready to today, but there's still time for a bit more gaming. There are a lot of tourneys finishing up or announcing winners today. I really, really wish I'd had the time to do the Castles & Crusades tourney--I'm interested to hear how it went.

Just a few more photos:

Imperial Troops have entered the base! Imperial Troops have--(static)

Alderac had a much larger booth this year, and was really cranking out the demos. Good to see.

The Steve Jackson/Atlas Games booth is perpetually busy, and perpetually cluttered.

Hey! Kobold Quarterly was making the rounds, kissing babies, shaking hands, and pimping the mag!

My daughter was happy to see Wonder Woman.

It isn't Gen Con without weapons dealers.

Number of low-quality katanas shipped home from Indy, non-Gen Con calendar year: 3

Number of low-quality katanas shipped home from Indy, Gen Con calendar dates: 682

Well, for me and many others, another Gen Con is again in the books. A strange year, as far as product releases go, but honestly, it was still a blast in just about every way. Quality gaming, entertaining seminars, meeting folks from our online communities, making new friends, and doing my best to ensure that folks who aren't here see a glimpse of the awesomeness make Gen Con for me.

In a lot of ways, I feel that the advent and popularization of Twitter has made this type of coverage somewhat of a dinosaur. People can get their Gen Con news much faster on Twitter than I can on this blog. I use Twitter as well, but I'm going to have to really look at how I cover Gen Con next year. If there's one sour note for me from Gen Con, it's a sense of not really knowing how this coverage fits in, or how much it is needed any more. In any case, thanks to those of you who've commented and read the past few days. It's all for you, after all.

Our Gen Con coverage isn't quite over, however. Check back tomorrow as I hand out some Gen Con Grades for some of the various company booths!

EDIT: As a bonus, please accept this photo of beautiful, beautiful Gamescience.


Torsten said...

What is Castle and Crusades?

Zachary The First said...

Hi Torsten,

It's a fairly light d20 hybrid, mixing some d20 sensibilities with AD&D legacy. I'll link their website and an article I did:

Aaron said...

Definitely keep up this style of blogging! I think it was definitely the best place I went for coverage - especially since you were taking requests! That's why I wrote about it, after all :P.

Zachary The First said...

Hey, thanks very much for that! If anything, I'm really just looking at other formats that might be better. But I've had pretty good feedback on this as well, since my last post here.

Teach said...

just wanted to say that you should definitely keep up with this sort of blogging. Got a much better sense of what was happening at gencon this year because of your posts.

Fred Hicks (Evil Hat Productions) said...

Twitter sucks at contextualizing what it has to say. It is saying: here's what's happening at GenCon RIGHT NOW, and not so much "here's what happened at GenCon, and how that fits into the overall picture of GenCon". That latter thing that twitter sucks at is what liveblogging like yours does, and should continue to do.

HinterWelt said...

Thanks for the reporting Zach!

Craig said...

Definitely keep up this (or a similar format) next year. While I did check out a few twitter updates (mainly for pics and/or breaking news), your blog was my primary "go-to" place for updates.
Thanks a heap!

Anonymous said...

Compared to the random chatter in twitter, your coverage is a godsend. The noise to information ratio makes twitter more a headache. I kept coming back to your blog to get a sense of what was happening.

The other thing i have noticed is that comprehensive coverage like yours is becoming rarer; stick with it, soon you'll have a captive audience.

Question: what did you find "strange" about the product releases this year?

Zachary The First said...

Well, thank you all for those affirming comments. If it is still of use, then I will keep at it. It's my hope that all of us gamers can one day make it to Gen Con, but for those who can't, I'll do my best.

@Anonymous: This year was strange because there's usually about 3-4 RPG products that generate a healthy "buzz" at the con--you see lots of folks with the book, people are talking about it, and it seems like there's some great booth traffic. I talk to a LOT of people to try and discern that convention "pulse". This year, there was Pathfinder, and everything else seemed...well, low on the buzz factor. It's a hard thing to quantify, but I thought Geist or Rogue Trader or the upcoming WFRP 3e might get more discussion than they had. Honestly, I heard much more about Savage Worlds than I did any of those.

It was almost as if the RPGs portion of Gen Con just sort of took a deep breath this year before continuing. It'd be easy to put it on the recession, but I don't know I'm comfortable with that. That's not to say there wasn't some killer gaming and discussion going on, it was just largely about Pathfinder or stuff from last year.

Frederic said...

I haven't read your posts during the weekend so now I can catch up (monday morning crew!) at work. I really like this format btw, short notes, pictures etc all in a few posts makes it good to read.

Lovely picture of the little boy trooper & his droid!

WalkerP said...

Zach, I'm still catching up on all the GenCon porn, so it's taken me a couple of days to respond. Your coverage is far and away the best. Twitter is fun, but it's like little candies. Reading your running blog, with the photos and your comments is like having a proper meal. I really don't see how any of this new media is doing anything but complementing the work you do.

My only critique this year was that the quantity of photos seemed smaller than last year. You mentioned the battery issue, so that could have been it. But any shortfall was made up by that beautiful GameScience dice shot that had me launching my face into the screen like a sad indoor cat chasing a bird on the other side of the window.

Great work and a huge thanks from me!

Zachary The First said...

WalkerP: The battery issue was indeed a big part of fewer pictures this year. I do apologize--I tried to take as many as possible, but it died on me. I was at the West End Games booth at one point, praying I had enough juice left to get a pic of Septimus. And by and large, I ran out of time. I definitely think next year I'll be scheduling events differently, to give me maximum time to cover everything.

Tethyr13 said...

Zach, I wanted to thank you for the coverage of GenCon. I agree with Anonymous above, it was great to read your views (especially the booth grades and info as the con went on....) I used to never miss Gencon, but when it moved to Indy and I moved to Seattle I stopped attending. Reading your posts made me really jones to be there, and I'll be going next year!

I hope you do continue this as it was fun and very informing...

Also - was the feeling similar to 1999 whne WOTC announced 3rd edition but there wasn't really a lot there?

Zachary The First said...

Thank you!

As to comparing to 1999, I didn't go that year, but the WotC buzz wasn't as high, even with Dark Sun. Of course, in prev. years, 4e and the Realms have set the bar high!

disa said...