Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making A Better Hobby: The RPG Gold Star

All too often, we concentrate on the missteps of gaming companies, ignoring those who offer truly excellent customer service and support. Companies of all sizes, from those run part-time to those employing dozens of folks, can make the difference between a gamer having a positive gaming experience or being driven away.

I think at times we, the RPG community, tend to accentuate the negatives without giving enough recognition to the companies that are doing things right. And while poor customer service, quality issues, and negative public relations should be brought to account, we need to make sure those companies going the extra mile for their customers get the recognition they so richly deserve.

Well, here at RPG Blog 2, we’re going to start featuring the RPG Gold Star, a commendation to be given to those companies who are noticed going above and beyond for their customers. It’s my hope that other RPG Bloggers will join me in syndicating this series of commendations, and encourage publishers to be counted among those who are doing things right.

Do you want to commend a gaming company for excellent support, customer service, or otherwise going out their way to make your experience a happy one? Send us a nice write-up to mail.rpgblog(at), explaining in 100-300 words what the company in question did to rock your socks off. It can be an amazing customer service moment, their handling of a difficult situation, or something special they did in terms of game support. We’ll then get it published, and give those companies that are doing things right some positive face time. Big or small, fantasy, horror, or something eclectic—it doesn’t matter—just that you felt treated right as a valued customer and fellow gamer.

If you’re an RPG Blogger that would like to be included in this project, please shoot me an email at mail.rpgblog(at), and I’ll make sure you’re included going forward. Alternately, I’m looking for a simple, yet distinguished logo that honored companies may use as a graphic. If interested, please contact me at the same email!


Stargazer said...

That sounds like an excellent idea! I am looking forward to the first RPG Gold Star awards. :)

Mountzionryan said...

Hear, hear. A capital idea.

Helmsman said...

Well I'm too busy (read: lazy) to write up a full account, but I've gotta say that the grass-roots marketing and free shipping that Mind Storm Labs has been doing for Alpha Omega has been a cut-above.

If someone wanted to run with that their company well deserves it.

Chuck said...

That's a fantastic idea. A lot of the little things that publishers do for the fans go unnoticed.