Monday, August 3, 2009

Pathfinder RPG Core Book 1st Printing Sold Out!

Link here. Next Pathfinder print run to be in November. Thank goodness for that $9.99 pdf, huh?

No word on what the print run was (Erika Mona called the numbers "hugely ambitious"), but I'd have to think this is pretty good news. Hope I can secure a copy at Gen Con, or it might be a bit of a wait.


Mad Brew said...


I with you on the hope of securing a copy at GenCon, I'm sure they won't come empty handed, but I bet they sell out quick.

Alex Schroeder said...

I suspect that having a first print-run sell out in a short time has become a marketing ploy. That's what I would do! Order 1000 copies (1st print run), and order another 5000 copies (2nd print run), hoping that the rule subscriptions alone will take care of the first print run. Nothing wrong with that, it generates a news item after all, but personally I'm no longer impressed by these news items.

I cancelled my Pathfinder rules subscription because shipping the core rules to Switzerland was costing me $40 (!) -- when I asked they said that the books weighs more than 4lb and therefore pushes the package into a different segment. So I ordered the books from instead, and apparently I will have to wait for quite a while before getting it. :)

Bonemaster said...

@Alex - It usually is a market ploy. In this case, I'm not so sure. They claim that the next print run will not be available until November. Which seems like a long time for a mere marketing ploy. However, I'd reserve judgment on that until they announce the size of the initial print run. If it's something like you suggest then yes, It's a marketing ploy.

@Mad Brew and @Zach - Good luck. I'm glad I've had mine on pre-order since the beta came out. Although right now its sort of pointless since I'm knee deep in a Savage Worlds game.

jreyst said...

For anyone interested I created an Amazon lookup that lists the top 10 rpg books by sales. PF Final is #1 and kicking it hardcore! You can see the numbers at

Ryan said...

To quote an RPG mailer I send out in the Vancouver area:

"However, note that Paizo (the company who printed Pathfinder) is refusing to release the numbers. In a few forums they frequent, they have posted that the original print run was "lots", "hugely ambitious", and "the exact numbers are confidential". Some have decided to interpret that to mean that they didn't make a huge print run and sell out of it, but rather they underestimated the market and sold out of a small print run, and are now trying to spin the supply shortage as a marketing benefit."