Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sci-Fi RPG Magazine Update

I’ve been really excited by the outpouring of responses that have been received in regards to the idea of a quarterly sci-fi RPG magazine (thank you!). I want to keep everyone interested in being a part of this notified as we go forward. If you are interested in getting on board helping with the magazine and haven’t already expressed interest either here or via email, drop me a line at mail.rpgblog(at), and I’ll make sure you stay in the loop. I’m compiling those names, and I’ll be sending out some updates just as soon as I have them.

Some great advice (Joseph and Bill especially, you rock) has given me some material for some followup surveys and research that I’ll be doing in and around Gen Con Indy. The next big updates should be after that, so don’t think this is a flash in the pan—I’m just making sure it’s being done the right way. We gamers tend to suffer from projectitis—and I think this idea deserves better than that. So if it is to be done, it needs to be done right.

Already, we have several publishers as well as fans looking to contribute material as well, and I think some of the names out there will really get folks amped up!

In addition, I’m looking at providing some form of free advertising for gaming companies (perhaps smaller-size ads, with larger ads being a slight charge). One of the best part about reading old gaming mags were the ads. I’m not sure how it’ll work out yet (another item still being researched), but if this magazine can be not only largely fan-powered, but still support the tremendous work going on in the small-press RPG community, that has to be counted as a win.


Mad Brew said...

Awesome, I'm glad to see a bunch of interesting endeavors growing out of the blogosphere.

I'm going to email you, because I'd like to be kept in the loop, and perhaps contribute in the future.

Damien said...

Well this is very exciting, really looking forward to how things progress.

Its amazing what can be accomplished when the call goes out, keep it up.