Saturday, August 1, 2009

Supported Systems at RPGNow

Interesting update on the number of titles available supporting each listed system, according to RPGNow:

d20/OGL 3rd Edition: 4711
Storyteller (all): 897
D&D 4e: 270
Champions/HERO: 257
Savage Worlds: 206
Mutants & Masterminds Superlink: 201
Traveller (all): 189
RuneQuest: 116
Older D&D (including some titles for Retro-Clones): 112
Call of Cthulhu: 94
Castles & Crusades: 76
Palladium: 39
d6: 28
Labyrinth Lord: 26

Bear in mind, there is some cross-over in selections such as Labyrinth Lord and Older D&D. Anyhow, who said there was a 3e/d20 glut?


Dyson Logos said...

In it's prime the d20 PDF market supported a strange business practice that accounts for the huge number of releases there.

It became far more profitable to release mini-products with rules for one class, a couple of treasures, or something similar, than to release full-length book-style products.

Phil Reed and Mark at Creative Mountain Games sussed it out (although Mark was ahead of the curve and caught flack for it as being bad for the market at the time), and then of course LPJr jumped into the game and the imitation started.

For a while there was also the even shorter d20 Pick-n-Mix products at the ENWorld store - 2 pages of rules per product.

And people bought them. Otherwise the publishers would have given up on the format.

Mad Brew said...

It would be nifty if one could chart the sales of system products by count as well as by dollars over the time that OneBookshelf sites (or any retailer for that matter) have been operating.

pauljessup said...

Also-take a look at the Top 100 sales. Some retro stuff is beating out some pretty popular non-retro- including Death Frost Doom being at #12- over even Ken Hite's After Ragnarock

clash bowley said...

Not bad - StarCluster has almost as much as Labyrinth Lord.