Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Using That D30: Weapons

So, you’ve picked up a hefty, suitable-for-chucking-at-players D30. Perhaps you let your players “supercharge” one roll per session (swapping a d20 for the d30). But you want something more. Consider the following:

The Sword of Shifting Injuriousness

This weapon was meant to be another masterpiece forged in the flames of the famed smiths of Hal-Addad, the Dwarfhome. Instead, an imperfection in the ritual of imbuing it with arcane lethality resulted in the sword doing wildly variable damage.

Upon a successful hit, roll a 1d30 to determine damage type for the sword:

1) None
2) 1 point of damage
3) 1d4-1 (minimum 1 damage)
4) 1d4
5) 1d6
6) 1d6-1 (minimum 1 damage)
7) 1d4+1
8) 1d6+1
9) 2d4
10) 1d8
11) 1d10
12) 1d12
13) 1d20
14) 1d30
15) 2d6
16) 2d8
17) 2d10
18) 2d12
19) 2d12+1
20) 2d20
21) 3d4
22) 4d4
23) 3d6
24) 4d6
25) 5d6
26) 6d6
27) 6d8
28) 10d6
29) 3d20
30) 2d30

This magic item has become a favorite in multiple campaigns, in part I think due to the completely overindulgent amount of dice rolling one gets to do when wielding this weapon.


Quim said...

Hahaha. Cool. IIRC, in Legendary adventures there was a scythe that did d30 damage.

Christian said...

I love it. That 2d30 for damage would be sick.

Zachary The First said...

Thanks! It’s a crapshoot of a weapon, to be sure.

We had a bard in one group get this weapon, without telling him precisely how big the variation swing in damage was. He thought he was awesome, slicing through a high-level warrior like butter (2d20), only to roll 1d4, None, and 2d4 against a black dragon. He was lucky to get out of there alive. I believe the weapon was eventually lost in some deep cavern. I’m pretty positive it will be seen again.

Tacoma said...

You could make things flow smoother in the fight by just having the weapon do d30. On a natural 20 you'd get your wild "maximum 60 points" type of result.

The wildest possible variability comes when you use a single die. Using multiple dice creates a probability curve that concentrates results toward the center.

Zachary The First said...

@Tacoma: Yes, you could just roll a d30. I've done weapons like that. But there's something fun about the different damage types, I think. :)