Thursday, August 6, 2009

Zack's 2009 Gen Con Scavenger Hunt!

As promised, I’ve released my 2009 Gen Con Indy Scavenger Hunt! This originally grew out of a desire to help my gaming circle see more of the convention, but everyone seems to like the idea, so this year, everyone gets a shot at it!

I could easily add another 50 tasks (last year, I think we had 21), but I wanted to make it as unobtrusive as possible while still hitting some items that may be off the beaten path. These items should be easily completed in a single day at Gen Con, or spaced out over the 4 full days.

For maximum enjoyment, I would recommend printing it off, but not really looking at it until you get to the convention itself. I'll warn you right now--it's nothing fancy--but my group seems to really enjoy it.

So pass it around with your pals—if you want, see if you can be the first one to complete all the tasks! Better yet, find me at Gen Con, and turn it in—if you’re first overall, we’ll definitely hook you up with a prize! Feel free to add your own items—there are many, many wonderful booths I just didn’t have room for.

You can find the file in pdf format here:

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