Monday, August 24, 2009

Zack's Dozen Update

A few months ago, I started featuring Zack's Dozen, my way of doing a quick list of fun, buzz-worthy RPGs and accessories, classic and new alike. I also said that I'd be changing it out now and then, as new, worthy entries came along.

That's not to say the previous Dozen have passed from notice--the truth is, there's just too much cool gaming stuff out there. The list is mix of stuff I'm using, anticipating, playing, wanting to play, or just finding a newfound appreciation for, and I hope it's taken as such. (You may also notice a few holdovers, but by and large they've been swapped out).

So, check it out on the sidebar right there, and I hope that ultimately My Dozen leads you to some interesting new gaming experiences!

Let's hear it one more time for our former dozen!

And let's hear it for our new list (again, in no particular order)!


DNAphil said...

We used GamingPaper for the private games we were running at GenCon, and it was great.

On Sunday, we were playing on the second floor of the ICC, and a rep from GamingPaper came by handing out rolls, so now my group has 5 rolls banked away for future games.

clash bowley said...

Whoa! In Harm's Way drops out but OHMAS made it, and it isn't even finished! Wow! I'm sad and deliriously happy at the same time! :D

Zachary The First said...

Hey, a product doesn't have to be out to be on the list. It's a mix of the old, the new, and the upcoming. :)

IHW may have cycled out this time, but it remains in my heart forever. :) You know how much I love that game.

clash bowley said...

I know that Zachary! The big news is I was able to make something that could supplant it. ;D


Zachary The First said...

Say, that is news! lol ;)