Saturday, September 12, 2009

More D&D Intellivision Style: Treasure of Tarmin

I found another old Intellivision D&D clip on YouTube. This one is Treasure of Tarmin (aka Minotaur), which put many an otherwise excitable youth to sleep c. 1982.

WARNING: Almost nothing happens during this dungeon crawl:

The sad thing is, I think we've all had sessions that have been all too close to that. At least the box art was a winner:


da Trux said...

interesting, the guy on the cover with the spear (fighting the scorpion) looks like he's wearing modern clothing, but this is a DnD game

Zachary The First said...

I found that interesting as well. But on a lot of old catridge covers, you can see a disconnect between the actual game and the art department.

rainswept said...
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Anonymous said...

This game was phenomenal back in the day.