Monday, September 14, 2009

Urgent: Bad News At Palladium Books

You heard the sad news here first: we’ve got exclusive reports that both Jason Marker and (allegedly, according to multiple sources) Wayne Smith are out at Palladium Books. The news hasn’t gone totally public yet (though Marker mentions his on his Facebook), but this is a troubling blow for Palladium fans, as two of the biggest contributors at the long-time RPG publisher may now be out. I don’t want to speak for what this may mean for Palladium, but clearly, it doesn’t look good.

Jason Marker has been featured on our site before, and we wish him the best going forward. RPG companies looking for a strong writer with experience would be well-served to take notice of his potential availability.

UPDATE: I do want to emphasize RPG Blog 2 is a big fan of Palladium Books, and the legacy of such games as Palladium Fantasy and TMNT. There is a certain amount of publicity that comes in any hobby. Whatever the situation is at Palladium (and I understand we'll hear something from Palladium soon), let's hope it is only, as some have speculated, temporary. I'll update as we hear more.

UPDATE #2: This post by Kevin Siembieda does confirm the layoffs, but hopes it will be "temporarily, for 6-8 weeks". Sounds like Jason Marker is moving on, but they're hoping to have Wayne Smith back after the temporary layoff. Let's hope for the best for them both!


Anonymous said...

That stinks. I'd love it if you were wrong on this.

Grant Woodward said...

A shame that this doesn't actually come as a surprise -- Palladium's troubles are pretty well-known at this point. Still, I suspect these two gentlemen will be able to find work pretty quickly if they're as talented as you seem to think they are.

Zachary The First said...

@Anonymous: I'd love to be wrong! But I don't think I am.

@Grant: True, things haven't been exactly healthy at Palladium for a while. But if I am right, I think those two fellows would be an asset to any number of gaming companies.

Zachary The First said...

And who knows? Perhaps it'd be a temporary layoff until things pick back up. That's all I know at this point, but hope to know more sooner rather than later.

Geek Gazette said...

that really sucks. Wayne has signed more than a couple of my Palladium books, and spent more than a few minutes chatting at Gen Con, really nice guy. Like many others there are things I don't like about Palladium, but I'm still a fan and still buy the books. I hate to think this is a precursor to something really bad on the horizon.
Having layoffs sure doesn't gel with the "everything is great" line that Palladium has been telling everyone.
Could the troubles that caused this be the reason my last copy of Rifter never came in the mail??? hmmmm.

Citizen Lazlo said...

Both Wayne and Jason are great guys in real life, this is really just suck news.

Zachary The First said...

Yeah, I mean, I'm a pretty big fan of a lot of what Palladium has done (I mean, we had Palladium Week here, after all), but I don't think things have been healthy for a while. It would give me tremendous happiness to be wrong, as I said.

Jason and Wayne are both great guys, I agree.

Anonymous said...

Hey however it goes, as a Palladium supporter I can say both of them have been awesome when I met them in Indianapolis at the con a few years back. It would be great if this were temporary.

You need to do another Palladium week soon!

Zachary The First said...

Thanks for the kind words, but I want to make it clear I'd rather be 100% wrong about this. We know at least 50% (Marker) has been confirmed by Jason Marker himself.

If it is a temporary situation for either fellow, let's hope this is as temporary a layoff/downgrade/leave as possible.