Monday, October 5, 2009

Character Generation And A New Game Store

So this past Friday night was our group's character generation session for our Castles & Crusades sandbox campaign. Chargen went amazingly well, I thought--as GM (or CK, if you'd rather), I didn't have to explain a lot, a benefit of C&C's generally familiar, simple character generation.

My group is slightly overbooked at the moment, but that's ok. We seem to have a quality group. Everyone gets along thus far, and there doesn't seem to be anyone out to "win" rather than just play.

You know when I really felt like this group was going to work? When I had them roll for first-level hit points instead of doing auto-max HP, two guys ended up with 1 HP. One. There was some good-natured teasing, but no anger, no complaining, just taking what the dice give you and hope for better things at level 2. We also rolled some random unusual traits and apprenticeship events on the tables from the Epic RPG, which is always a lot of fun!

We ended up with the following (homebrew classes denoted with a *): Human Sorcerer*, Human Friar*, Dwarven Cleric (with 1 HP!), Human Thief (1 HP!), Human Druid, Elven Jack of All Trades*, Halfling Ranger, and a Human Fighter.

It's a good group. A lot of us have families and work responsibilities, so I think we know how precious gaming time is.

For cuisine, it was a slightly damp, cool fall Indiana night, so we had hot cider in the crockpot. That was aside from the delicious staples of Mountain Dew, Doritos, pizza (Little Caesar's--$5 a pizza is pretty tough to bear), some awesome kettle chips, and pretzels.

We met at my place for the initial session, but we all realized we needed something larger and more central geographically. One of our players had been scoping out the new place on the east side of Indy, Saltire Games. He reserved us one of their private gaming rooms for the Friday after next, and last night, I got a chance to check the place out for myself.

Saltire Games is clean, well-lit, and well-stocked (with no small amount of smaller stuff; the owner really seemed up on a lot of smaller games), with a friendly staff and plenty of gaming space. My wife went with me, and I believe she said it's the cleanest gaming store she's ever been in. She even bought a card game--a new gaming store in town, and she gets the first purchase!

You can also tell they're civilized because they have a picture of Traveller on the website.

In any case, it's a great-looking store with a nice varied selection (it looks like they have some active 4e groups, but they also have the C&C and Pathfinder products right up front--good balance). If you're a gamer anywhere in the Indianapolis area (I know we have at least several who read here on a normal basis) looking for a good Friendly Local Gaming Store, I would recommend you check it out.


WalkerP said...

So nice to hear about a nice, new gaming store! Especially one that seems to actually know about a wider range of the market than just WotC and whatever card games the kids are buying. Good luck to them.

Norman Harman said...

> private gaming rooms

I am so very, very jealous.

Gameshops here are nice and friendly, I love them. But, they're also overrun with minis and ccg. Can't blame the stores those are cash cows. Still private rooms, maybe I should move. What's the job market like over there... :)

Congrats on the group and good to hear about C&C.

Zachary The First said...

Job market in Indy? It's ok, nothing spectacular, but there are some jobs out there. :)

Anonymous said...

GAH! New game store next to Lord Ashley's? I grew up in McCordsville. That's freaky. Two minutes from my mom's house. 25 years too late! :-) :-)