Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kitchen Sink Contest Reminder: Win A Gift Certificate!

I’ve decided to extend the Kitchen Sink Monster contest for another week, so we can get some more entries? At stake? Your reputation as crazy creature designer, and a $10 Gift Certificiate to RPGNow! Post your entry here or on the original post to be eligible. Here’s the original blurb:

Here's my challenge to you, friends: post up your terrifying hybrid-animal mutant in the comments below, and possibly win a $10 Gift Certificate to RPGNow. Stat it up in Mutant Future, Encounter Critical, Rifts, or any other system, kitchen sink or otherwise. Alternately, you can enter by drawing your depiction of dread Slagon described above! I'll announce the winner (by merit of relative awesomeness, freakishness, and kitchen-sink factor) this weekend! Spread the word, and may the freakiest creature win!


rainswept said...

Okay, I just posted it on my blog anyway :)

For Tunnels & Trolls
The Bear Hydra

It's not exactly what you think.

This type of Hydra has entire Cave Bears in place of heads. The Cave Bears are attached to the massive necks by their backs. Obviously it is much larger than a garden variety Hydra. The Bear-Hydra's massive body covers a 20' x 20' area and rises over 40' to the base of the necks.

The Bear Hydra has a Monster Rating composed of 8 Cave Bears at no less than 70 apiece, plus a body that has an MR of 250 (the body doesn't contribute dice or adds... it only absorbs damage, serving no combat purpose other than to support the heads).

A Hydra can normally be killed by severing all its heads or by slaying its body. Only the attacks of slashing weapons can sever a Hydra's neck. To sever a head, an opponent must make a L5SR versus LK before their side makes attack rolls. If they are successful, their attack functions like a TTYF, targeting a specific neck and dealing all damage to that neck whether their side wins or not. If they fail, they contibute only half their total, giving them some credit for distracting a head. It takes 50 points of damage in a single attack to sever a neck. The damage does not count against the MR of the head OR the body, but does contribute to whether or not your side wins the turn.

Otherwise, if you win a round against the Bear Hydra, damage is divided 9 ways.

If a 'head' is severed, the Cave Bear drops to the ground and continues to function as a slave of the Bear Hydra, carrying on the combat as usual. Brutal!

This Hydra cannot be killed by severing its heads... it is actually a horrifying Lovecraftian entity known as V q’bya’g nrr* that normally has no heads. It roams the dungeon or wilderness with its massive necks writhing about in search of prey. When it discovers a creature, it bludgeons the beast with a massive stump, magically bonding with the target creature and reducing it to zombie-like pseudopodic servitude.

Once it has a 'full deck' it begins to hunt for prey.

During battle if a neck is severed it will writhe for one round, after which it will attack the strongest nearby creature, bonding with it. If the target is a Player Character, they have three chances on three consecutive rounds to make a L5SR against their choice of CON or LK. If the PC succeeds on any it is dropped and the stump will seek new prey. If it fails all three it becomes a head of the Hydra and fights mindlessly for the Hydra until destroyed.

Once the players have battled a "Bear Hydra", they can run across the creature with a more typical mix of monstrous 'heads' - Sabertooth Tigers, Cave Bears, Trolls, Sharks... whatever madness you desire. You see, when the V q’bya’g nrr runs across a prospective head going to Grandmother's house alone, it targets its weakest current head with the stronger seven, ripping it to shreds! Then it makes a bonding attack on its (likely) terrified victim with the newly freed neck.

This creature is sort of a trap based upon the Players' expectations about Hydras... the best tactic is to melee it normally and forget all of your Hydra tricks.

* This loosely translates as eXtreme Hydra.

Zachary The First said...

"entire Cave Bears"


anarchist said...

You should've made the prize a copy of The Random Esoteric Creature Generator.

Zachary The First said...

That's not a bad idea--but there are other Kitchen Sink products out there, too. If someone wants to get something for Rifts or Gamma World with the gift cert, I'm all for that.

Talysman said...

I didn't know if we were allowed more than one entry, so I whipped up three, picked the best, and posted the other two in my blog. Format is a streamlined OD&D statblock.

Ring-tailed Vulture-Shark (Uncommon Mutant Predator)
# Appearing: 1d6; HD 5+2, AC 5, 1+2 damage; incidental treasure

A large root-covered shark with feathered wings, sharp talons, and a prehensile tail, Vulture-sharks are aggressive and always hungry. On their first approach, they breath a 1d6 gout of fire (save vs. breath for half damage,) followed by a strafe with their claws for 1d6+2 on the next round; the shark then swims away for a round, turns, and begins the routine again. Once a victim successfully saves against their fiery breath, they will go into a killing frenzy, attempting to grasp with their tails, then biting on each successive round.

Heavily-wounded vulture-sharks will fly out of reach, burrow their wooden roots into soil, and heal 1d6/2 hit points per round. They cannot attack while rooted in soil.

Elias said...

Hello. I'm surprised no one came up with stats for ManBearPig,
maybe I'll do that. Anyway, here's my entry:

(credits: old public domain images +free paper stock by isthar +free fonts)

If I win, I'll probably get as many sourcebooks as possible from the Creatures of the Wastelands - Mutant Future compatible series. Or Chronica Feudalis. Or Battletech beta. Or Ex Machina!

Oh boy.

Elias said...

has the contest been cancelled?