Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quick 6: Podcast Recommendations

Yes, it's the return of the Quick 6, my method of quickly running down...well, 6 of something. Today's topic for the Quick 6 is 6 Podcasts I Recommend. Whether you're staring down that long daily commute or doing chores around the house, gaming podcasts can help the time go by while keeping you engaged with one of your favorite hobbies.

Now, Fear the Boot is likely the most popular and well-known of the gaming podcasts, so I won't rehash what folks already know. Here are some others of varying popularity/notoriety that I try to listen to when I can:

1) All Games Considered--This is one of the best general-purpose gaming shows, with
news, reviews, and a couple of discussion topics each show. This is a fairly veteran entry in terms of podcasts, and I'm a happy long-time listener.

2) Atomic Array--This is another great all-purpose show, excelling at covering new products. Also has a great sense of community among listeners and contributors.

3) The Tome Show--I've been privileged enough to be a guest on this show, and I am amazed at how the keep up the quality episode after episode. If you want a podcast with some good guests and reviews, this'll be a good stop for you.

4) Animalcast--Crude, loud, and susceptible to lengthy non-gaming tangents. I still dig it. When they do actually talk about games, it's usually funny and enthusiastic, and occasionally priceless.

5) The Game Master Show--As a Game Master, I really appreciate this show. Aside from the good interviews, they often break down a GM's issue or topic and really discuss it at length.

6) RPG Haven Podcast--Released on a monthly basis, this podcast nonetheless does a great job of presenting 1 or 2 topics per episode, and really covering them. Often does features a bit off the beaten path, which I like.

Of course, theren are many other gaming podcasts out there to browse through, if you're so inclined. And if you're still hungry for more podcasting, there's always our show, RPG Circus. But I'll let you decide on that one for yourself.


WalkerP said...

Hey Zach, thanks for the plug! I'd just like to correct something. The RPG Haven comes out absolutely regularly, once a month on the first of the month. We do include some special episodes around timely events (conventions, so far), but other than that, all 5 of our episodes have been released on the first of the month, on time. Maybe because it's only monthly that you got that impression?

WalkerP said...

Oh yes, and we like to focus our shows on games coming from the small press sector of the hobby, designers who are doing exciting things but don't seem to get the same hype that the so-called "indie" designers generate. So we have had interviews with Cynthia Celeste Miller (of Cartoon Action Hour), Chris Rutkowsky (Basic Action Super Heroes), the Evil DM (Legends of Steel) and have some other exciting ones coming up. We're not against the indie dudes either as they are doing some exciting work as well, and we'll be talking to them as well in the future.

Zachary The First said...

Yes, that is my mistake. The special episodes were throwing me off, I think! I'll get that corrected right away, sir!

Stargazer said...

Aside from Fear the Boot and Atomic Array there are two other RPG podcast I can wholeheartedly recommend:

1) RPG Cirus
2) Here Be Gamers

But I will surely check out the other podcasts you mentioned, too. It never hurts to broaden one's horizon.

Zachary The First said...

Thanks for the plug on RPG Circus! We do our best!