Monday, October 26, 2009

Thoughts On The Role Play Media Network

So, with all the discussion, dissension and occasional heartburn this past week over the future of the RPG Bloggers Network, we saw Berin Kinsman of Uncle Bear try something new--the Role Play Media Network.

This network is not a feed aggregator, nor is it a replacement for the RPGBN. It's a social networking site, which is going to turn some people on and some off. It's a site for bloggers, podcasters, writers, publishers, artists, and game masters can get together. You can upload music, add your blog's RSS feed, take part in a forum or live chat, personalize your own page, add special interest groups, and more.

It sort of has the feel of a mini-Facebook. And all those bells and whistles have people trying it right now--it's when the shine wears off a bit we'll see its success or failure for gamer networking.

Back to the creating groups bit for a minute--I've been puttering around on there (my page is here), and I've created several discussion groups. Here are just a few--we'll see how much interest or utility they hold in the long run: Small Press Advocates, Classical D&D, Traveller, Hoosier Gamers, and Midwestern Gamers. For fun, I joined a World Creation group, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Gaming Podcasters, and several others.

Either way, we already know it'll be better than Gleemax, and it loads faster than ENWorld. (Then again, I could load up the most graphics-intensive site on the internet with my old 1996-era desktop, and it would still load faster than ENWorld).

We should also hear something by week's end on the fate of the RPG Bloggers Network. Either way, should be a busy week all around. And if you do check out the Role Play Media Network, make sure to say hi!


Spenser Isdahl said...

Thanks for noting the Hoosier Gamers group, I don't think I would have noticed it on my own!

Tyson J. Hayes said...

I'm still testing it out but I can say it's not quite what I expected. To me it feels like a facebook but just more narrowly focused. This isn't a bad thing especially, with what it's trying to do, but just feels like it's missing something.

Badelaire said...

I signed up for it. Curious though - I can't find any place to add my own blog's RSS feed so it pipes through. What am I missing?

John L. Williams said...

I like the Facebook feel of the Role Play Media Network. I think its a good idea and I'm sure it will continue to grow and develop.

Zachary The First said...

To add your RSS feed, go to the left-hand side of your page and drag the RSS feed to the center. Then just edit it. That’s all—most of the stuff on your page is drag n’ drop.

Andreas Davour said...

Since I had totally missed the discussion about RPGBN, the fact there was one was interesting news!

For me RPGBN is a RSS aggregator (yeah, there might be more, but I've never understood how, when and why) and I really don't see a need to make it anything bigger and grander. I get many visitors from the network and for me it's just a way of getting exposure.

A RPG Facebook just seem odd to me.

Well, more power to those who make things happen, I guess.

da Trux said...

i haven't checked it out yet, but i will will immediately after i post this comment.

but from what you've described, what is the difference between this and

Mike said...

I'm afraid I fall onto the more skeptical side. More and more I'm beginning to subscribe the the philosophy of the "attention economy". My attention is finite, it is a fixed resource that I spend across my day. I could, for example, affix a cost of about $20 for every hour I spend on something.

With the RPMN, the question becomes: is this worth $20 of my time a week? I've already made a commitment to Twitter and, unfortunately, to Facebook. I've gotten my attention's worth with Twitter, for sure, and Facebook mainly so I can keep track of my friends and family who aren't real geeks.

I was disappointed to see WOTC build a Facebook-style site instead of something that embraced existing social networks. Even they seem to be schizophrenic - they post to Twitter, to Facebook, and to their own site.

It really comes down to something Neal Stephenson said. I can spend time surfing fifteen social networks, accepting friend invites, reading hundreds of message threads, hunting down status updates, and tracking yet another place to store blog posts

Or I can be making things. I can write articles for my own site or come up with more tweets for my feed or making my own home game more fun. I can spend time creating instead of consuming.

That, to me, is where I want to spend my attention.

Frankly, I just don't need another social presence to maintain. It's not worth the drag on my limited attention.

Zachary The First said...

@Mike: I actually understand. And once the shiny wears off, we'll see how many people (including me) stick around. Time is a valuable commodity!

@da trux: I have only a little experience w/ RPGBomb, so I couldn't provide a very good answer there.

HinterWelt said...

@da Trux: Purely subjective and my opinion but RPGBomb always pissed me off fundamentally from a user interface and usefulness kind of place. I find RPMN to be easier to user, faster to load and generally stacked with people I know. Again, all of that is subjective and IMO.