Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vintage Dragon Magazone Adverts, Turkey Week Edition!

I haven't done one of these articles for a while, so my apologies to folks who seem to really like them. Today, we're going to look at what was being pimped in November of 1984, with Dragon Magazine #91!

It sort of looks like the game didn't quite make it over the wall, like it just sort of got tired and took a rest partway through. Still the best Supers game ever (with apologies to Truth & Justice).

Who needs a Virtual Tabletop?

Why would I even accept the original?

Prediction: No one who wore this T-Shirt got laid, ever. "From the ancient, mist-shrouded lands of Guadalupe Street, located in the heart of the Garment District!" Also, only up to XXL? The hobby has grown, I guess!


(Sorry--HU was always a distant third or fourth to me as far as Palladium lines went).

Now this advert knows exactly what it's doing in including that crown. We secretly all wanted our characters to rule at least a small kingdom, if not a plane of existence. Kickass.

By 1984, players unable to find a game in their local area due to noisome personal habits, chronic anti-social tendencies, or a complete and clinical disregard for the niceties of basic human civility and interaction already had another recourse.

Well, that wraps up this edition of Vintage Dragon Magazine Adverts! I held back from the Traveller and Rolemaster ads this time around, as I know I usually tend to favor those...


Huss said...

I remember seeing EVERY one of those

sacha3791 said...

Oh nostalgia overload! I'm hauling old copies of Dragon and White Dwarf off my shelves right now!

Sniderman said...

Ah yes, V&V. I have a full set of all original materials for that game. Love it!

canageek said...

Yeah, those were all pretty common (My Dad collected a lot of issues)

Was the RPGA really that bad? I played Living Greyhawk from 2002 to the end when 4e came out and while there were a few bad players, the local power gamer group and whatnot I met some really great players through it.

Now a few of these left with the 3e/4e conversion. I don't know how many as the group that ran our local conventions disbanded at the end of LG (It was a lot of work and they only ever charged enough to cover the con & prize support for the DMs.) and yes, a lot of the new players are only in it for the combat, but on the other hand a lot of the power gamers stayed with 3.5 so they didn't have to learn how to break a new system.

Mike said...

Why would I even accept the original?

Oh, don't hate on V&V. It was a nutty game, but it was a hell of a lot of fun. Still is.

The Magnetor ad for that game got me into playing it,

Zachary The First said...

Yeah, I’m just teasing on V&V. I know it still has fans out there who love it.

Same for the RPGA—it isn’t all that bad (I was even a Herald-Level DM for its 3/3.5 incarnation), just the worst elements are easy to exaggerate. ;)

David said...

Back when TSR first launched the RPGA, they marketed it at least as a generic association of gamers. As it became obvious that it was being used as a tool to promote only TSR products, I wrote to complain and withdraw my membership. They published my letter in an issue of Polyhedron (that was before it was integrated in to Dragon).

WalkerP said...

Hilarious commentary, Zach.