Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Adopt A Soldier With Kobold Quarterly

While there are many wonderful charities and causes to support during this Season of Giving, I wanted to take today to highlight one of the coolest gaming-related ones in my book. Kobold Quarterly's Adopt-A-Soldier program already allows participants to sponsor a soldier with a gift subscription (print & pdf) to KQ.

Now Kobold Quarterly is running an Adopt-A-Soldier Holiday Contest, which will allows participants to win some pretty awesome stuff just for doing something nice for our servicemen & women. It's win/win, and a great idea--kudos to KQ for doing it. The military is one of the biggest bastions of gamers, and it's wonderful to see them supported. We veterans sincerely appreciate the thought!


Doug Wall said...

You might want to check your spelling. You spelled it "solider" twice in your post.

Zachary The First said...

Never post while medicated.

Thanks for the catch!