Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Best & Worst of Gaming 2009, Part III

We'll continue our look back at the best & worst of 2009 today with 3 more categories.

Best Gaming Supplement

Gold: Fight On! Magazine. I could tell you how I anxiously await the new issue of Fight On! every quarter, and I'd mean it. But as a gamer and a writer, Fight On! and the community surrounding it have helped push me to do more writing and creating on my own, which is what's really invaluable to me. Not everything published in Fight On! is perfect; it's a sometimes-sloppy, unwieldly, hugely enthusiastic hodgepodge of gaming material. That just adds to the charm.

Silver: Kobold Quarterly. Wolfgang Baur's mag has weathered the entire 3e/4e split nicely, and has been a fantastic periodical in its own right. The letters sections, the interviews, the GM tips--it all adds up to what a gaming mag should be.

Best Gaming Accessory

Gold: Disposable Heroes, Precis Intermedia. Seriously, the options for PIG's customizable paper minis line keep growing, which is great for those like me who just don't have the time for painting pewter minis right now.

Silver: Hexographer, Inkwell Ideas. Hexographer cut down on my mapping work so much, it's ridiculous. It allows me to create beautiful overland hexmaps with as much speed and detail as HexMapper. (I also reviewed this product in Fight On! #7, for those curious).

Best Production Values

Gold: Pathfinder RPG, Paizo Publishing. Not only can it stop a small-caliber bullet, it looks good doing it. For such a massive tome, the overall production quality is truly fantastic.

Silver: Mouse Guard, Archaia Studios Press. The physical attractiveness of this product is excellent, considering it is geared towards being able to be played with youngsters. Should have guessed when Luke Crane's crew got together, you'd end up with a good-looking book.

Stay tuned for Part IV!


John Fiala said...

I'm with you there on 'Fight On'. The first issue I picked up was '#3', since it was the most recent one at the time, and I figured I'd get the most page count for my $. I was totally blown away by that issue, and eagerly snag each new one as it becomes available.

stirgessuck said...

Not to be pedantic, but I think one of those "HexMapper"s up there should be "Hexographer", if I correctly understand you.

Quilt City O.G.R.E.s said...

A great selection!