Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Native Art and Legacy

This may seem slightly non-sequitur at first, but I stumbled upon this website called “Listening To Our Ancestors”. It’s basically an overview of Native American relics and items from the Pacific Northwest. It really made me think about the intricacy and craftsmanship that can be found among civilizations we might dismiss or all lump together. It’s made me really want to highlight in my campaign the legacy of some of the indigenous peoples of my world. Do me a favor and look through the collection—I think you might find it inspiring for your own campaign. Then again, I find inspiration in some pretty weird places at times.


Wickedmurph said...

Native history is an amazing place to look for inspiration. The huge variety in technology, culture and environment makes it great ground to harvest for a game. I hadn't found this site, though, and it's a really good one!

Tim Shorts said...

Absolutely Zack. I like going to some of the art and craft shows in the area for the same reason.

Quim said...

Rifts Spirit West!