Thursday, December 31, 2009

RPG Blog 2's Year-End Thoughts

Well, here we are, the last day of 2009. I won’t go into my resolutions for the year to come, and I’ve already mentioned my Picks of 2009, so I thought I’d just end things with a few thoughts.

It was an uneven year for a lot of us. A poor economy, personal hardships all around, the continued struggles of several gaming companies, and the loss of absolute giants in our hobby (RIP, Professor Arneson) were all low points. On the other hand, 3.x fans saw Pathfinder make a triumphant debut, more and more old-school/neoclassical gaming goodies were given unto us, and gaming survives—even thrives, now and then, here and there.

This was not a year of miraculous recovery for our hobby, but it was a year where I saw gamers I knew and respected writing their tails off, actually producing material for others to use. There’s a sandbox/DIY/self-publishing trend that’s still going up, up, up, and that’s phenomenal.

For some us, it was another year removed from the game we used to play, the game that we supported and held a central place in our gaming landscape. But in losing that game, we found it anew. It’s no one’s game to take away or define for us. It is for us to define, and to create for, and to shape.

For all of you who got past the crud this year, rolled a d30, laughed off a Total Party Kill, made up a stupid monster, threatened your dice with "execution", died in Traveller CharGen, landed a critical hit at precisely the right time, self-published something, ran a game at a convention, played a Fighter for the 898th straight time, spilled Mountain Dew on a character sheet, wrote something, took the time to give feedback, or decided your killer robot just didn’t have quite enough lasers, I salute you. May you keep the fires going in 2010.

And if you’ve written something or want to write something and haven’t shared it yet, please consider doing so. Write because you want to, and share without trepidation. Your monster, your advice, your class, or your setting just might be the puzzle piece someone else needs for their gaming.

Please be my guest in joining me here for what should be an awesome 2010…more reviews, more special bargains, more commentary, more gaming material…and yes, More Lasers!


James V said...

What else can be said?


Andreas Davour said...

I look forward to those lasers!

AslanC said...

Well said sir!

Happy New Year!

clash bowley said...

Great points, Zachary! And a very happy New Year to you and yours!

PS: In Harm's Way: StarCluster will be on its way to you very soon. :D

Zachary The First said...

clash: That's a great way to start a New Year! :)

Swordgleam said...

I'm always on board for more lasers.