Saturday, December 12, 2009

RPG Circus: Best & Worst in Gaming '09

Episode 13 of the RPG Circus Podcast (our last show of 2009) is out, and instead of our traditional 3-ring discussion format, we go over the Best & Worst (mainly Best) in Gaming for this past year. Take a listen, and see if your choices made it!

For those of you who absolutely loathe podcasts, fear not: I'll be doing several articles running down my 2009 choices this week.

PS for listeners: Yes, I forgot to mention WotC's PDFGate....


Tom Bailey said...

I like your blog very much there is tons of great information here.

Thanks for sharing,
Tom Bailey

AslanC said...

I listened to the show and have to say it was very good.

What was that thing about Goodman Games that you guys referred to? I was able to find the post about the state of 4e but not the other thing you guys mentioned.

Is there a link?

Zachary The First said...

Sure thing!


Translated here: