Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Done Been Nominated

It looks like 7 of my posts from last year were nominated by readers for the next Open Gaming Table. Thank you very much--I hope one of them is chosen for the next RPG Bloggers Anthology!

Here are the posts that were nominated from RPG Blog 2:

A Quick Spell Failure Table

Transcript From The RPG World Congress

I Am An Adversarial DM

Using Winter In Gaming

Setting Organic Boundaries

Zack's 10 Easy Steps To Kitchen Sink Gaming

Christmas Wishes From RPG Publishers

Let's hope one of those is up to the task!


DNAphil said...

Congrats! Though I am not surprised. You are one of my stops on the RSS train, every morning.

Good luck getting in.

Bonemaster said...

Congratulations, happy to see your stuff getting nominated.

Zachary The First said...

Thanks! I guess we'll see what the voters think...

Kent Davis said...

Congrats, Zach!

clash bowley said...

Pure awesome, Zach! Congrats!