Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Opinions Wanted: My Gen Con Events

Don’t look now, but folks have already started registering events for this year’s Gen Con Indy. I’ll be running a sequel to Smash n’ Grab At Kobold Caverns my Microlite74 game of a year ago. More Mayhem At Kobold Caverns should be just as fun, with 6-8 players in a classic gaming bash to see who can grab the most loot and make it out alive from the kobold’s lair. I had a blast running this game last year, and am excited to do it again this year.

The only other event that I have written in stone at this time is the 2010 GM’s Jam. Here’s the descriptor:

“Dead-end plots, lengthy combat, obnoxious gamers—no matter the system, we Game Masters have a lot of the same issues. In this give-and-take forum, we discuss common GM issues, problems, and even how to handle “that guy”. Experienced GMs from a variety of backgrounds help lead an open, frank discussion. Part support group, part idea mill, all awesome! You’re guaranteed to leave with some new ideas for how to make your Game Mastery even better!”

I know I was able to meet a couple of readers at Gen Con last year (hi!), and I’m asking for your input. I’ll be liveblogging again, which means I have limited time with which to organize and run events. I’ve had a couple of ideas, but am only likely going to be able to do one of them (I expect I’ll also be at some blogger meet n’ greets and the like, and my group will be rocking the Tower of Gygax again, so don’t worry there). That’s where I need your help. Which of the 4 ideas do you like best? Second-best? RPG Blog 2 Lurkers who will be at Gen Con, now’s your chance to speak up!

Battle Royale

20 positions, 1 table. (I would need a co-DM). One haunted mansion of a mad architect to be looted. Award for Most Kills, Most Loot, Worst Death, and Being Alive At The Finish. Pre-gen characters. Probably using Swords & Wizardry, Microlite74, or something close to it. Traps, traps, traps, slime, oozes, squatting orcs, and probably a vampire lord or two. Time: 3-4 hours, likely Saturday night after the hall closes.

Old-School Tourney

I’d need a little help on this one. Ideally, I’d like 4 sessions of 4 players to try the same module. The groups would then be scored on Survival, Treasure, Goals, and Completion, with the winning group getting…well, something. I’d need a couple of GMs to run sessions, though. It’d be cool if someone wrote a module, then released it after Gen Con. Perhaps the most labor-intensive of my ideas.

Rifts For The Novice

Wanted to play Rifts but thought it just seemed too damn goofy for words? Just give me 90 minutes, and you can say you played Rifts! Cyborgs, mages, plasma weaponry, impossible monsters, and giant robots await! This rapid-action, fast-moving game gets you a feel for Rifts in under 2 hours! Perfect for the time-strapped gamer. Pre-gen characters provided. 4-6 players.

What’s Free In RPGs

Rob Lang should be doing this, but since I don’t think he can jump across the pond for Gen Con, I thought about creating a handout with some of the best free RPGs of the past few years, along discussion on how to get into the play, discussion, and creation of free RPGs out there. Ideally, I’d like to get someone on the panel versed in OGL and/or Creative Commons.

That’s it for now. I’m interested in your opinion on what you’d like to see me run. And if you have an idea I don’t have listed here, let’s hear it, too!


Mike said...

I'd love to "Rifts For The Folks Who Love The Game And Haven't Played It In A Really Long Time". ;)

Carpe Guitarrem said...

Well, I won't be there, but here's my take on the four events, ranked by me, according to how I see them...

1. Free RPG workshop: it's always great to get the word out about these. Free RPGs can spice up a gamer's sessions quite well, and I think it's great to be able to point out some of the best ones.

2. Rifts for the Novice: this looks like a fun, great way to introduce somebody to a system. New system, pre-gen characters, short adventure = good time for all.

3. Battle Royale: what's not to love? It's a fun hack-and-slash adventure, high-lethality, and high-competition. I'd imagine it lends itself to a lot of traps and trickery too.

4. While it's a nice idea, there's not a lot of direct conflict other than beating someone else's score. That to me takes a lot of the spice out of it. It's a fun idea, though.

As far as other ideas...are you familiar with Risus or Wushu Open? Those would both be great systems to get people into, akin to the Rifts for the Novice. Granted, it's a unique sort of roleplay (very story-based, light mechanics), but easy and fun to pick up.

Zachary The First said...

I always think about running some Risus at Gen Con, you know. It's a quick way to get a game going.

Chgowiz said...

@Zach - definitely want to do the ToG again - I also want to run it for an hour or so. :)

And I may be in for the GM Jam depending on when things get scheduled for me.