Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pendragon's New Publisher

Potentially exciting news for one of the most highly-regard RPGs of all time, from designer Greg Stafford, quoted below:

My faithful and loyal friends,

Please share in my joy and exaltation.
The dreams and prayers of chivalry world wide have been heard.
The heavens themselves have split open.

Pendragon has a new publisher!!!

All praise Stewart Wieck!
Nocturnal is the name of the new publisher that has just finished acquisition of all rights to KAP that WW had.
This is Stewart's latest company, who has left WW and, as far as I am concerned, taken the best thing they had. Cheesy
I am in on the planning at this stage.
I have no clue what else he is doing and, today, I do not care. Smiley
There are absolutely NO CONCRETE PLANS at this time, so please don't ask. When I know more, I will announce it here.

Meantime, thank you to all for your support and patience.


Pendragon is one of those games I always wished I had been able to play and run more. Perhaps this new edition will see just that.


Tim Shorts said...

You and I are on the same page on this one Zack. Pendragon has always been one of my favorite games I've never played. I have two or three different editions and most of their suppliments. All around quality stuff.

Chuck said...

Pendragon was great a game. I can remember some of the best sessions ever from playing that game.

greywulf said...

W-O-O-T spells Woot!

Pendragon is one seriously excellent game and well deserves a rebirth. Fingers crossed on this one.

Tenkar said...

Tim, you stole my line. I think the furthest my group ever got was rolling up characters back in the day. It was an awesome read.

Hoping this change means great things in its future.

da Trux said...

wow, i've never even heard of this game before! how about a short summary of what the game is?

Zachary The First said...

Let's hope so, gentlemen. It's nice to be able to cheer for a good story in the hobby.

Zachary The First said...

Wikipedia actually has a decent rundown on it:

sirlarkins said...

Wow, 2010 off to a great start indeed! Thanks for calling my attention to this.

Guess I picked the right time to fire up the ol' Great Pendragon Campaign...

da Trux: Here you can read a summary of a fairly lengthy Pendragon campaign I ran a couple years back. And I've actually just started up an actual play thread on my blog devoted to following my effort to run the Great Pendragon Campaign from start to finish.

sacha3791 said...

Only seven days into 2010 and we get one of the best pieces of gaming news possible. Let's hope this augurs well for the remaining 358 days.