Sunday, February 7, 2010

Closed On Account Of Big Game

Will reopen tomorrow.

If you want to get on record with your Super Bowl predictions, feel free to comment below, with your genius preserved for all posterity. Actually, consider the comments here an open thread for any geek-on-geek football observations you want to make.

In hoc signo vinces (I hope!)


Normal said...

The Colts have (barely) higher stats, but the Saints tend to open-end their rolls. We'll see!

WalkerP said...

Well let's see, your colts have a 12th level Paladin with a vorpal sword and Combat Reflexes.

The Saints are like a gang of really powerful Fighters but nobody can match the extra powers of the Paladin.

That's my garbled gaming metaphor attempt!

I'll take the Saints with the spread.

I'm just hoping for a great battle.

Norman Harman said...

I predict that at halftime I'll still be pissed the Vikings aren't playing.

I wonder how many people set up and play Blood Bowl during the superbowl. I totally would if 1) I had bloobowl 2) knew anyone who would rather play bloodbowl than watch the superbowl.

Stuart said...

Norman, How can you possibly be a Vikes fan and not know they were going to choke? Always have, always will.

Maybe when they move from Minnesota because we won't spend a billion dollars to build them a stadium they'll win.

Zachary The First said...


I really think the Vikes should have won that game. Take away the 34 turnovers, and we're talking about Favre-Manning all week.

I dislike Favre, but they could have won that game any number of ways. It just didn't get done, somehow.

Doug Wall said...

I gotta go Saints.

Zachary The First said...

You know, if the Colts have to lose to a team in the SB (which I hope they do not), I'd rather it be the Saints. I went to college with Drew Brees at Purdue!

Carpe Guitarrem said...

By the by, it should be "In hoc signo vincetis." Second person plural, instead of singular. (The original is singular, being addressed to Constantine, but I presume you're addressing it to the Colts themselves. Then again, maybe you're referring to Manning as the symbolic representation of the entire team, which you could make a case for....)

Zachary The First said...

I was thinking more in the singular, in that case (addressed to each player or fan), but yes, you'd be right. I'm just glad I remember any high school Latin. :)

Zachary The First said...

Well, congrats to the Saints! A well-deserved win. Kudos to Purdue grad Drew Brees!