Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finding A Starship

I was looking for a ship to pass as the 600 d-ton science vessel I'm creating for our upcoming Mongoose Traveller game, and I was simply not having any luck. Either I didn't like the layout, or it didn't meet the requirements of a science vessel.

Should have known, of course, that the Wayback Machine would come through. I found a lab ship variant of the Orca from an old site for a (now-defunct?) Zaon RPG, (warning: slow load) and I think it just might work. I still need to make a few adjustments, and I still have a little time to switch in case I find anything better out there.

(It looks like here the designer of the original ship plans is claiming copyright on the plans. I guess I'll need to PM him, though since it's for non-commercial use, it should be fine).

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Referee said...

The old fashioned Donosev would not serve? Remember, in Traveller, it is not so much about the ship (hardware) but the people who man it. Think of any ship, even the humble Type S Scout ship augment the sensor suite and add a cargo hold of things from Scouts (or any of the older game supplements). And, you got an adventure.