Friday, April 16, 2010

Free RPG Day 2010 Update

I went and checked out the most recent additions to Free RPG Day (to be held June 19th, 2010). It looks like there’s a decent number of companies participating, though this list does not include the pdf-centered publishers who usually offer a good freebie on Free RPG Day—I’m afraid that list tends to be much more word of mouth.

Anyhow, take a peek at the current entrants below. Anything you’ll want to snag for certain? I missed out on most of Free RPG Day last year with family stuff, but my FLGS owner picked me up a copy of the Pathfinder Bonus Bestiary, which was very cool of him indeed.

Alderac Entertainment Group
Silver (5 per box), L5R 4th Edition RPG Quickstart & Adventure

Amarillo Design Bureau
Store Sample (1 per box), Prime Directive Quickstart

Blue Panther
Store Sample (1 per box), Unique Color Knockdown Dice Tower

Chessex Manufacturing
Bronze (4 per box), Commemorative Dice w/ store name

Columbia Games
Store Sample (1 per box), Harn Quickstart & Adventure

Exile Game Studios
Bronze (3 per box), Hollow Earth Expedition Quickstart & Adv.

Fantasy Flight Games
Gold (10 per box), Warhammer 40K Roleplay: Deathwatch Adventure

Goodman Games
Silver (5 per box), Age of Cthulu Adventure

Guild of Blades Publishing
Store Sample (3 per box), Heroes Forever Quickstart & Adventure

Paizo Publishing
Gold (10 per box), Pathfinder Module: Master of the Fallen Fortress

Gold (10 per box), unique dice

Skirmisher Publishing
Bronze (3 per box), TBA

Troll Lord Games
Silver (5 per box), Castles & Crusades Quickstart and Adventure

White Wolf Publishing
Gold (10 per box), Exalted 2nd Edition Quickstart & Adventure

Wizards of the Coast
Platinum (15 per box), Dark Sun 4th Edition D&D Adventure

For retailers, it looks like each kit costs $60, and includes between 1 and 15 of an item, depending on how much that company is participating. I already have the C&C Quickstart, but I sure wouldn’t mind getting the Paizo and Q-Workshop freebies especially. I can think of a couple folks in my gaming circle who wouldn’t mind checking out Prime Directive or the Goodman Games Adventure. Of course, I hope all of the contributors get some new fans and customers as a result. Here’s hoping we see a few more publishers sign up! It would be cool to see the Swords & Wizardry Quickstart in there, wouldn’t it? Guess I can dream…


Tim Shorts said...

I was just checking the Free RPG site yesterday and it seems a little 'down' from last year. There are a few items I am definately interested in, the the one item entries were a bit disappointing. To me free RPG Day is getting a sample of a game, take it home and find out if your going to drop money on that items. On the list there are three, one item, store samples.

I don't know how much time or even room there will be for me or anyone to flip through quickstart rules left on the counter that day.

seaofstarsrpg said...

Tim, a store can order more than one kit so you might want to ask you FLGS if they did and if so, if you could have the extra 'Store Sample' of whatever game you are particularly interested in.

I would like to see more copies of things too, but for the small press companies they are doing their best I am sure.

Swordgleam said...

Free RPG Day has always been more of an exercise in wishful thinking for me, since I don't live anywhere near a FLGS.

Carpe Guitarrem said...

The nearest store is a couple hours away...that'd get challenging. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the PDF stores, though.