Monday, April 26, 2010

Free RPG Stuff Update: Microlite 75, Cog Wars, and Complete Characters

-The only game I am running at Gen Con this year is Microlite74, which to my mind is just about perfect for the sort of quick, one-shot, classic-style convention games I want to run. However, one of these days I may just have to upgrade to Microlite75, currently free to download in playtest version 0.2. Microlite75 promises to be an emergent game from the idea and concept of classical gaming. It is free, but if you enjoy it, you may want to consider donating to a really excellent cause.

-The enigmatic Levi Kornelsen has released a Zero Edition of The Cog Wars.

-RPG author Jason Richards has been doing a regular series of character write-ups, called Complete Characters. Tremendous stuff--if you aren't a regular visitor to Jason's site, why not start now?

That's just a little RPG goodness to get your week started right!


Charisma said...

I almost played a game of Microlite, I think, but then I had to move.

Zachary The First said...

That’s a downer!

I really need to start running two slots at Gen Con. It seems to be popular enough…

Jason Richards said...

Thanks for the pub, my friend! In honor of the referral, I'll see what I can do about doing a bonus Complete Character this week.

Jim said...

Back in the ancient days of the RPGSite, Levi was kind enough to send me a very early version of Cog Wars. It was really interesting, fantastic stuff and I always felt bad for not getting him feedback. But I never got the chance to play it, so I felt I didn't have enough information.

It will be interesting to see how it looks now. I wish him the best of luck!