Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Penny Arcade Goes Old School With Swords & Wizardry!

Neat tidbit for Old Schoolers and Penny Arcade fans, thanks to Gabe:

After a lot of research I ended up settling on a system called Swords and Wizardry. As a set of rules it draws heavily on OD&D but includes things like an ascending AC scale rather than THACO. I pulled what I liked from Swords and Wizardry and then grabbed a few things from OD&D as well. The end result was much like what I described in my email to the party. A sort of OD&D roller-coaster with all the twists and turns of old school gaming but minus the freedom and danger.

During the game I used the television behind me to display a slideshow of old artwork from the history of D&D. My players all started D&D with 4e like I did. This game was really about taking a look back and appreciating the roots of Dungeons and Dragons.

I wonder what he meant by "minus the freedom and danger". Are the lack of those things supposed to be selling points? Of course, there was also:

I hope that as my players picked up their dice and got in their cars to drive home they had similar thoughts about the gamers that came before. People starting campaigns with characters that only had 2 hit points. Characters getting hit and losing levels. Magic items breaking and armor deteriorating. Maybe seeing for just a night what it was like back then, will give them a greater appreciation of the game they're playing now.

Or, you know, a greater appreciation for the game they played then. Either way, I hope they had a good time, and it's cool for Swords & Wizardry to get a shout-out like that.

Here's the link to read more.


James V said...

I have to say that I am also a little bummed about that last statment.

You would think that the guy, whose avatar has Pac-Man on his shirt but also plays the newest video games would get the idea that while the old and the new may be vastly different, they were fun in their own way.

Zachary The First said...

As would I, James, as would I.

Johnn Four said...

I still like level drains. I think I might be the only one left alive who does.

To me, it's not about getting to the last level of a PC as soon as you can. It's about the PC that develops in the face of adversity. Who is he now, compared to days, weeks or months ago? And this assessment is about more than current level.

My players would disagree though. Which is cool - each to his own.

Zach, maybe you should do post on Zen D&D. :)

Zachary The First said...

@Johnn: Not sure if I'd be the right guy for that. :)

I like level drains, too.

adeptgamer said...

I think the gaming community is much different. Gabe seems a decent enough guy but I think his category of gamer is use to a lot of lives and always reaching the goal with sufficient patience.