Thursday, April 1, 2010

Random Island Generation Charts, Part II

Here's part two of my Random Island Generation Charts for my in-development Middle Isles Campaign--this one a percentiles chart on Unusual Island Characteristics:

Interesting/Unusual Island Characteristics
01 Very Poor Soil
02 Very Rich Soil
03 Exceedingly Rare Tree or Plant
04 Exceedingly Rare Animal/Livestock
05 Ancient Stone Head Statues
06 Temple Ruins
07 Extensive Subterranean Pathways
08 Sheer Cliffs Riddled With Caves
09 An Allegedly Haunted Mass Grave
10 Mass Ship Graveyard Just Off The Coast
11 Aggressive Hunter Race Lurks Underground
12 The Dead Rise At Night
13 Old Mine
14 A Recent Battlefield
15 Vampire Colony
16 Famed Holy Shrine
17 Famed Unholy Shrine
18 Plague Outbreak (Populace)
19 Plague Outbreak (Livestock)
20 An Imprisoned Legendary Creature
21 Restless Shades
22 A Lake of Spirits
23 Minor Oracle
24 Cannibal Cult
25 Uncommonly Wet
26 Uncommonly Dry
27 Uncommonly Windy
28 Frequent Landslides
29 Giant Fungus Colonies
30 Moderately Accurate Soothsayer/Prophet
31 Narcotic Plants
32 Alchemical Bonanza of Natural Ingredients
33 Watchers In The Woods
34 Giant’s Lair
35 A Famed Repository of Knowledge
36 Single Adolescent Dragon, Good/Neutral
37 Single Adolsecent Dragon, Evil
38 Chapterhouse of a Knightly Order
39 Single Mature Dragon, Good/Neutral
40 Single Mature Dragon, Evil
41 Magic is Heightened
42 Mysterious Cave Paintings
43 A Hidden Library of Scrolls
44 Magic is Forbidden
45 Magic Works Poorly
46 Deserted Village
47 Ruined Fortress
48 Buried Pirate/Raider Treasure (Mainly The Copper/Silver Kind)
49 Fire Swamp
50 Arcane Petroglyphs (Rock Engravings)
51 Geoglyph (Ground Drawing), Can Be Seen From Air
52 Plagued By Earthquakes
53 Lycanthropy Epidemic
54 Volcanic Activity
55 Extensive Catacombs
56 Ruined Castle
57 A Hero’s Tomb
58 Shipwreck Of A Famous Vessel
59 Ghost Ship Drops Anchor Every Full Moon
60 Ruined Tower
61 Giant Stone Cairn
62 Subterranean Labyrinth
63 Dying Civilization
64 Ancient Challenge Left By A Deity
65 Killer Reefs Just Off The Coast
66 Isle Fades In And Out Of Dimensional Existence
67 Reclusive Alleged Necromancer
68 Reclusive Philosopher
69 Reclusive Retired Hero
70 Buried Pirate/Raider Treasure (Mainly The Gold Kind)
71 Dragon Colony, Evil
72 Dragon Colony, Good/Neutral
73 Ancient Clockwork Machine, Inoperative
74 (Apparently) Dormant Volcano
75 Less-Than-Dormant Volcano
76 Some Manner of Talking Animal
77 Aggressive Nature Spirits
78 Domain of One Claiming Divine Paternity
79 Sulfurous Water
80 Bandit Hideout
81 Pirate Hideout
82 Raider Camp
83 Accursed Woods
84 Accursed Mountain
85 Private Domain of a Madman
86 Sweet Water
87 Raider Supply Cache
88 Runaway Slaves
89 Leper Colony
90 An Excess of Quicksand
91 Forgotten/Lost Technology
92 Perfect, Natural Harbor
93 Deadly Harbor
94 Unusual Metal Deposits
95 Refugee or Exiled Nobility
96 Lair of Unmentionable Evil
97 Cave Passage To The Underworld
98 Hidden Portal To An Elemental Plane
99 Contains A Monolith To An Ancient Cosmic Evil
00 A Vast Hidden Mithril Treasure Stash


Tim Shorts said...

I like this chart a lot. I will be using it for more than just islands. Thanks.

noisms said...

Great stuff. Perfect for an Earthsea campaign, actually.