Monday, May 3, 2010

Vintage Dragon Magazine Adverts: May Edition!

Time for another fun look at the great (and not-so-great) ads that graced the pages of Dragon Magazine. Today, we'll be going back 25 years to the May 1985 edition. Let's see what was going on in the pages of Dragon #97:

I don't wanna grow up, 'cause if I did...

Wanna bet the dice roller feature took like 6 minutes to process results?

I literally just realized that Palladium's ads have had like the exact same format for the past 3 decades.

I'm pretty sure there's some context I'm missing here.

Starring: David Bowie and his pet mutant lynx.

Only if that's defined as me wanting more random tables.


Pookie said...

Palladium's advert layout may not have changed in three decades, but they are still better laid out than its books.

biff said...

created for Canadians! hahahaha that's too funny.

anarchist said...

"Only if that's defined as me wanting more random tables."

I think it means that your table has become inflamed.

"Table-osis" would be a condition brought about by excess tables.

pseckler13 said...

I think the Canadian explanation has to do with some kind of ban or restriction on lead that happened around this time. So companies started putting out miniatures with different metals in order to get past that restriction.

Mike said...

For what is was, the Dragonfire software worked pretty damn well. It was limited but efficient.

Chad said...

Considering that your last use of random tables almost resulted in a TPK, I think you have plenty of them.

As far as old Dragon ads, where is the ad for Dragonbone electronic dice? It gets my vote for most pointless accessory.

mikemonaco said...

I think the "for Canadians" minis are because Citadel had funny distribution arrangements with Ral Partha ("Ral Partha Imports" in the US were really Citadel models) and/or TSR (the Citadel D&D minis never appeared on shelves in the US as far as I can remember, at least not where I lived).

1d30 said...

Clearly the "for Canadians" figures were in various poses related to Canada:

3201: Cordial Wizard
3202: Stern but Fair Witch
3203: Friendly and Outgoing Illusionist
3204: Diplomatic Mage
3205: Social Healthcare Alchemist
3206: Freedom 55 Enchanter
3207: Royal Canadian Magical Police (horse and riding figure sold as 3207B, not shown)


I actually rather like the Palladium ad. Simple, clean, exciting for people who like superheroes.


As for the David Bowie ad, I remember seeing that one a lot. I wondered why the dude wasn't dead from radiation from th big bar of radium or whatever he was carrying.