Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vintage Dragon Magazine Adverts: May Edition, Part 2

Today sees Part 2 of our look at the ads in the May 1985 edition of Dragon Magazine. For me, I think the ads just might be the best part! There's something of the mystery lost when you can just find everything online instead of paying a dollar for someone to send you a catalog.

That top number, in case you're wondering, now goes to Alliance Game Distribution.

By request:

It's easy to forget that Fantasy Games Unlimited used to have a plethora of ads in Dragon.

As a sometime Rifts GM, I have no excuse for not having named a session or adventure "Battle For The Ancient Robot. Jim Ward shames me.

Sold, sold, sold. Because the two are a natural pairing.


Siskoid said...

My dog ate my dice is not a good excuse for not showing up for a session.

James V said...

Ah, the way a picture can stir a memory!

When I was young, I did not have a subscription to Dragon, so I would get my fix by waiting until my Mom had to go to the Air Force Base to run errands. The library there had a collection of Dragon mags that went back to about 4 or 5 years. I would always ask to be dropped off at the library after lunch, and most of the time I got my wish.

Just me and a stack of Dragon Magazines for a summer afternoon? Priceless. And the books I would borrow before heading home were educational too. Thanks to that library I plowed through the original Dune novels and the Book of the New Sun just to name a few.

I owe a lot of my geekery to that library.

Joseph said...

I still have a Dragonbone, and it still works. I use it when I don't want the players to know I'm rolling something.

WalkerP said...

@Joseph Wow! Colour me impressed. I was always fascinated with that magic Dragon Bone. I couldn't quite wrap my head around how it worked as an adolescent and the ad reminded of those novelty ads in the back of comics. I'd love to see one in action one day.

(makes me think of a great, creepy GenCon pickup line "Would you like to see my Dragon Bone? I've got it back at the hotel room.")

Mark said...

FGU was in Roslyn, NY, huh? Who knew?


I'd also love to know the history of how that Gameline company became the behemoth that is Alliance. Or did Alliance just appropriate the phone number at some point?

To my knowledge, no one's ever looked at the history of the distribution side of the hobby.

As always, this feature brings back fond memories and raises some interesting questions. Thanks!

FASERIP said...
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JJ said...

Monsters & Robots! Why hasn't been an OSR supplement titled this yet?