Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vintage Dragon Magazine Adverts: Extended Cut

We've had such a good response to our last two days of Dragon Magazine adverts from 25 years ago, I've decided to add just a few images as an encore. Come back with us one more time to the ads of Dragon Magazine #97, May of 1985:

I wonder if this was any good. I've never been a fan of Pern, so I probably wouldn't have cared for it.

I wonder if they had one for playing a bomber crew or anything? I don't mind military gaming, but this seems awfully obscure.

I had a guy in one of my early gaming groups that swore this was the worst product TSR ever made, and was the start of their downfall. I can still see the specks of spittle as he expounded yet again on the topic.

REALMQUEST: Sparing no expense in advertising to bring their product to you.

....But that is another story...


Siskoid said...

TSR's downfall heralrded by the 1st ed. Battle system? They certainly ran on fumes for a long time after that :)

1d30 said...

Nothing seems less satisfying than being the one who destroyed the LEAST amount of falling space-worms.

Being the one who destroyed the MOST seems only marginally better.

Aaron said...

I suspect that Dragonriders of Pern would have played much like Ace of Aces, which we loved in junior high school. I'd bring my books on field trips, and dogfight all comers for the whole ride there and back.

Jeff Tillotson said...

My boss went home on vacation a few months ago. He brought back, along with several other AWESOME items, his copy of Battlesystem. I vaguely remember it has kid as one of my "rich" friends had it but we never played. Wasn't a Dragonlance module published that required it?