Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-Up, 5/12/10

Just a few cool items to get us over Hump Day:

-Microlite 20 OSS (Old School Style) Playtest Version 0.95 is now available for free download! It's been a lot of fun to follow the iterations of Microlite, and this one is no exception.

-It looks like Rite Publishing is up to 71% of their Patronage Goal for the Erick Wujcik Diceless Project Lords of Gossamer & Shadow. I know a lot of my fellow Amber fans are very excited about this! You can find out more about Patronage for the project here.

-For our Canadian and bilingual readers, there's the new RPG forum Roludo. Talking gaming in French or English, your call. Even if you understand half of it, that's still 50% more intelligible than a thread about Nobilis (rim shot).

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