Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Geomorphs & ORE

How is it that I just found this link? Thanks to Dyson Logos and Rob Lang for such an amazingly cool toy!

While at 1KM1KT where the Geomorphs are hosted, you may want to check out the One-Roll Engine Toolkit. I know we had some folks interested in ORE the other day, and this, along with Nemesis, should be a nice, free way to check it out.

I confess, I always want to do something cool with ORE, but it's another RPG that's never fully clicked for me. Love the system concept, but haven't found the right spot for it, yet, I guess.


Rob Lang said...

That is indeed a cool link but did you see the Risus Monkey version? It's the same code but with Risus Monkey's more regularly updated Geomorph.

Which reminds me, I really must update the 1km1kt one as Dyson has done so many more since. :)

Zachary The First said...

Awesome, Rob! Thanks for the linkage!