Friday, June 25, 2010

I Made A 1-Page Wargame

So I was thinking about making a very small, very quick-play wargame, and that's how I made Wargaming-Z ("Z" standing for "Zack", don't you know). It won't win any awards for ultra-realistic tactical whatever whatever, but it fits on a single page, and I think I can do some fun fantasy wargaming with it without having to memorize any more than a couple of rules.

You can check out the very short, very free Wargaming-Z version 0.3 here. Please, if you do play it, I'd love to get some feedback emailed my way! I'll be releasing some sample units or templates in just a bit, but I think you can see how it'd go.

If the link above didn't work, here's the direct URL:


Matt Neagley said...

Regarding routed units: do they flee immediately or do they begin to flee their next movement phase?

I'd like to see a rule that if Routed units lose a contest they immediately surrender.

I'd like to see a sample statline for each type of unit in it's description.

Badelaire said...

Very cool - I'll have to give it a more complete read-through, but I like what I see.

Have you ever checked out DBA or DBM? Or Hordes of the Things? Good, abstract, relatively simple wargames that grove on a somewhat similar vibe.

Zachary The First said...

@Matt: They begin to flee immediately.

If Routed units are in a place where there's no escape (such as surrounded with their back to a deep river), they surrender if ending the turn there. They can't really lose contests, because, being Routed, they don't engage in them. If attacked, they likely flee in the opposite direction of the attack, I think.

Sample statlines are coming! Thanks for the great feedback!

@Badelaire: Chgowiz actually turned me on to Hordes of the Things, which really impressed me!