Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thoughts On The Origins Awards Winners

With last week’s Origins Convention came the 2010 Origins Awards. The Origins Awards have been through some tough times—this award, one of the two largest our hobby gives out (along with the ENnies) has been disorganized and somewhat lacking in previous years. A few years ago, I seem to recall, the awards were given out in a largely unannounced area the size of a broom closet.

I wasn’t at Origins this year, so I can only hope that situation has improved. By all reports, it has. Let’s look at the big 3 categories of import to us tabletop gamers. The other nominees are listed in italics below the winner.

Best Game Accessory—Knights of the Dinner Table, KenzerCo: It seems like we talk quite a bit about this new gaming magazine or that. Meanwhile, we ignore Knights of the Dinner Table, which has quietly been putting out quality gaming material with their comic for years now. Always nice to see Kenzer get some recognition.
(Arkham Horror Dice Set; Q-Workshop/Fantasy Flight; d20Pro, Mindgene; Forsaken Lands Poster Map, Maps of Mystery; Fortress of Redemption, Games Workshop)

Best Role Playing Game Supplement—Big Damn Heroes Handbook, Margaret Weis Productions: MWP doesn’t seem to get a lot of love in the RPG blogger community, but their fans seem to pop up when there’s awards to be had. I didn’t review this book, so I can’t say much else aside from that observation.
(The Day After Ragnarok, Atomic Overmind Press; Seattle 2072, CGL; Warriors & Warlocks, Green Ronin)

Best Role Playing Game—Eclipse Phase, Posthuman Studios: Lost in all the ugliness about CGL’s financial diarrhea is the fact that Eclipse Phase was an absolutely tremendous transhuman/horror sci-fi RPG (and this comes from someone who normally doesn’t dig transhuman sci-fi). I’m glad the game has a new home where it can hopefully thrive. There were a couple of really good nominees from this category (like FantasyCraft), so you know Eclipse Phase earned this. And yes, it’s published under a Creative Commons license. You spend any time reading how these guys approach their craft, you’re going to be impressed (I was).
(Doctor Who, Cubicle 7; FantasyCraft, Crafty Games, A Song of Ice and Fire, Green Ronin; Supernatural RPG, MWP)

I think most of the small, dedicated core of the hobby that pays attentions to awards will be looking towards the ENnies next month, but that shouldn't take away from the accomplishments of the winners here.

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John Fiala said...

I don't care so much about the origins awards anymore - I think the various scandals/problems it had ten years or so ago unfortunately combined to lower it's stature - but I think I agree with you about 100% on the roleplaying results.

Especially for Eclipse Phase, which is fantastic.