Friday, July 2, 2010

Final Castle of the Mad Archmage Release Is Here!

Visiting Greyhawk Grognard yesterday, what do I see on the status update for Joseph Bloch’s free Gygaxian Masterpiece but this: “Level 13: The Maze - Release imminent. This is the final!

And then, wonder of wonders, last night....

Can it be? Is a completed Castle of the Mad Archmage here? I've followed every release of CotMA for over a year now, and couldn't be more excited for Joseph and his amazing undertaking.

Again, many of us were upset after it looked like Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg would never be completed due to Troll Lord Games losing the license after Gary's passing. For those of us who had long speculated of the ins and outs of Castle Greyhawk, it was especially bitter.

While not the official version, I still believe Joseph has given us that’s every bit the equal (if not superior!) of any megadungeon Troll Lord or any other company could have produced.

A lot of people have produced a lot of wonderful things in this hobby as a labor of love, but perhaps few of them approach the level of sheer enjoyment that CotMA has provided. If you think of it (and you should) on this long (U.S.) weekend, take time to thank Joseph, or put a coin in his hat. If you haven't downloaded the final version, take the time to do so!

And yes, if he published this in a deadtree version, that would shoot to the top of my wish list.


diceciper said...

When I follow the link it says it is set to private.

Zachary The First said...

He may be updating. I'd go to Greyhawk Grognard and see if there's an updated link.

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