Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gen Con Preview, Part 1

Throughout the rest of this week, we'll be doing a 3-part series on Gen Con, and the highlights of what some gaming companies will be bringing to the show. Both big and little companies are featured, and I hope it gives you a little more of an idea of what to expect from the massive Gen Con dealer room. I'd also like to mention Living Dice's excellent web directory of this year's attending companies, which is an excellent resource.

If you aren't attending, you can still stay tuned--you might find out one of your favorite gaming companies has some new and exciting plans!

Dealer Hall Highlights (A-D)

Acheson Creations (Booth 1834): Fans of miniature terrtain and scenery will want to stop by. Moderate prices (mostly), but very high quality stuff.

Adept Press (1730): If you like indie games or a somewhat more eclectic gaming experience at Gen Con, you may want to stop by here. Adept is also hosting a number of ashcan games, so we'll see what ends up there.

Alderac Entertainmnent (601)
: This is the 15th Anniversary of Legend of the Five Rings, and AEG is planning on celebrating it properly. Check their booth for special products and related events.

Alea Tools (1635)
: Alea Tools is coming out with the color pink for their magnetic markers this year (apparently, that's the most requested color!). Also featured will be a clear marker, and stickers for the edge of their condition markers, both for 4e and Pathfinder. Interesting stuff!

APE Games (1507): Not only is this the company responsible for the Order of the Stick board game, I wonder how long I can resist getting the game duck duck Go!...for, um, my kids.

Bible Battles TCG (2542): The name alone intrigued me, and after reading up on this a bit, I want to check it out. I talked a bit to one of the developers, and it what they had to tell me was enough to want to see a demo.

Blue Kabuto (1927): This company is pushing their Cookie Fu game, and they'll have free dice and demos, and flavored fortune cookies besides! What more could you want?

Burning Wheel (1732): The Adventure Burner will be available at the show for Burning Wheel. Get it while it's hot!

Catalyst Game Labs (703): Some of us wondered if Catalyst would make it to the show after their financial issues earlier in the year, but they will be there. Catalyst always seem to have a lot of fans at Gen Con, and this year I know there's a new HexMap pack that should be ready just in time for the show.

Chessex (117, 1015, 1621): Chessex seems to be everywhere at the show--probably because they have 3 different booths. It's a great place for picking up a roll-up gaming mat, or picking dice, a flagon at a time, out of huge barrels filled with nothing but polyhedrals.

Chubby Hubby Undies (2735): OK, so I saw this on the vendor's list, and decided I would never forgive myself if I didn't at least mention it. Mrs. RPG Blog 2, however, is forbidden from venturing within 50 feet of the place.

Cipher Studios (2210): Cipher has some beautiful miniatures, and their Alien Encounters: Bounty sci-fi minis game looks worth checking out.

Cloud Kingdom Games (1301): Cloud Kingdom is the Riddle booth. Not only do they sell riddle books for your gaming needs, but they also can pose you some stumpers for fun. Swing by and see if you're up to the challenge.

Conquest Gaming (612): If you've got the wargaming itch, or just want to hit up a quick micro-demo on one, you probably wouldn't go wrong dropping by this booth. I've had my eye on the very impressive-looking Warlords of Europe for a while, and can't wait to see it in person.

Crocodile Games (2221): Wargods of Aegyptus is one of the coolest-looking wargames I've ever seen, but I've never taken the plunge. Still and all, I wouldn't miss the wonderful game display they have up for the world.

Crystal Caste (521, 1817): Crystal Caste always has wonderful dice displays. Their normal dice are nothing to write home about, but their higher-end Crystal Dice and Dwarven Dice. Yeah, you'll drop at least $30-45, but no one in your group will be able to compete with your Obsidian or Brass Dice.

Cubicle 7 (315): There will be several associate companies represented here along with C7, which means this will be your chance to pick up a print copy of the awesome supers RPG ICONS, from Adamant Entertainment. I believe there may be a signing session with Steve Kenson, Dan Houser, and Gareth-Michael Skarka! Also at the C-7 booth will be Arc Dream Publishing (Road Trip [Monsters & Other Childish Things]), as well as products by ENnies nominees Rite Publishing and Triple Ace Games. This should be one of the better booths to check out for a wide variety of new and new-ish gaming product.

d20 Pro (1417): I'm always interested in new virtual tabletop software, and this will be a good chance to check this one out. I like that it's Hero Lab-compatible, and seems to possibly have applications even for non-network games.

Dark Platypus Games (1424): Dark Platypus seems to have a mix of things, from RPG accessories to gamer gear. It's a fun sort of generalist booth to check out.

Dark Sword Miniatures (1309)
: Dark Sword always has some unique sculpts by some of the fantasy genre's best-known artists. It's nice to come and here see some people doing some beautiful minis work.

Days of Wonder (1515)
: One of the best booths to visit if you're looking for a new board game. The Ticket To Ride, Memoir '44, and Shadows Over Camelot lines, among others, are all well-represented.

Duncan Toys (1932)
: That's right. Yo-yos at Gen Con. I don't see how that could possibly go wrong. I now wait for some kid walking behind me to knock me out on a failed attempt to "walk the dog". (I'm still totally going to visit the booth).

Dwarven Forge (1215): Dwarven Forge is one of the best places to go for various types of miniature dungeon terrain. You'll want to ask them what specials or deals they have going on--there's usually something. Even if it isn't in your price range, the display is worth seeing.


seaofstarsrpg said...

Alderac (or AEG) will also be demoing the L5R CCG and their fine range of board game in the booth. I know because I am part of the demo team. So drop by and try out a new game (and say hello).

dtools22 said...

This is going to be my first time at Gen Con and I'm really looking forward to checking everything out. I'll be down there screening my movie, "Something Remote." I'd love to have you at the screening. Hopefully I'll see you there

David said...

Duncan will probably be showing their Warstone collectible marble game rather than Yo-yos.

Zachary The First said...

Thanks for the tip, David! I totally missed that one--not a tough thing to do, with as many companies as are there.