Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gen Con Preview, Part 2

We're continuing our pre-Gen Con coverage with our 2nd article about what to expect from some of the companies that will be attending in the expansive dealer hall. I want to make it clear this is just a highlights feature. Some of the biggest joys at Gen Con can be found in visiting booths off the beaten path—a hundred undiscovered gems await!


Dealer Hall Highlights (E-K)

Edhellen Armory (517): Several years ago, the family and I purchased a number of foam swords with which to bludgeon one another. We are still happily doing so to this day.

Elmore Productions (1309)
: It was really cool to get to meet Mr. Elmore a few years ago at this booth. Many of his prints are on sale, but he's in and out of the booth quite a bit. Good luck!

ENnie Awards (1332): The ENnies booth has information on the awards themselves, as well as the various nominees. If you miss the awards ceremony Friday night and have no internet at the convention, you can come here Saturday morning to get the rundown.

EpicTable (2122): Aha! Another virtual tabletop! More playing and testing out to be done, I suppose.

Evil Hat Productions (2339): There should be a goodly crowd for Dresden Files.

Expeditious Retreat Press (530): XRP was known for some of the best-researched books under the OGL, and still strongly supports lines from 4e to classic gaming. Whatever your tastes, check out one of the standard bearers for small press companies. XRP will be sharing with Tabletop Adventures, covered in tomorrow's preview.

Fantasy Flight Games (720, 811, 915, 921)
: Fantasy Flight's area of the hall was slam-packed last year, and with Warhammer 3e out to complement their 40k releases, it should be no different. My advice: try to hit it a little bit before closing on Thursday. Otherwise, good luck. I've also been hearing good buzz about the Cadwallon board game coming out, which will be available in limited quantities.

Fat Dragon Games (1305)
: If you want to see how truly great paper and cardstock minis can be, check out Fat Dragon's booth. Castles & Crusades fans, I believe this will also be where you're going to find any sort of Troll Lord presence at this year's convention.

Fireside Games (2541): I've had a couple of people recommend checking out Castle Panic, so I will make sure I do so. It looks like a fun, balance-cooperation-vs.-winning sort of game.

Flying Buffalo (810): This is Flying Buffalo's 40th year! How awesome is that? Tunnels & Trolls, Grimtooth's Traps, Nuclear War, and Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Stop by and check it out, and enjoy!

Gamer Concepts (2109): Indeed, the places to get your ironic gamer t-shirt are many at Gen Con, but I've always found Gamer Concepts has some uniquely funny gamer gear and accessories.

Gamers For Humanity (627): GFH is involved is some very worthy causes, and it’s also a great place on the floor to relax for a minute, or even let your kid make a simple craft. If you want to donate a few bucks, well, you can feel good that it’s going to some nice people doing some nice things.

Gamestation (Gamescience) (1221)
: Much to my dismay, I have found out Louis Zocchi will NOT be in attendance this year. Damn it all. Still, Here There Be Gamescience, and that means lots of gorgeous precision dice--ah, let's face it, they're the best damn dice in the world, bar none. Their display, with a synced music/light tower, was pretty cool last year, so that will great to see once again!

Gamewick Games (1906): Gamewick has a couple of interesting games, but none piques my curiosity as much as WEGS Old Skool. Rules-light fans and those interested in classic-style gaming will want to keep this booth on their list.

Gaming Paper (1429): Gaming Paper was a surprise hit at the show last year, and with a year to spread the word and plenty of good publicity under their belt, I have to think this year will be just as great for them. A great example of a simple idea that’s taken off.

Geek Chic (903): Chances are, to put it plainly, you cannot afford one of Geek Chic’s deluxe, beautiful, handcrafted gaming tables. But if you can sell a kidney or something, you will be the envy of your plebian, two-kidney friends. One of the booths to drool over.

GeekyClean (2539)
: Soap at Gen Con? I know it seems unlikely, but GeekyClean has some type of soap for every geek--from scented soap with a d20 in the middle to soap that looks like a Stargate portal. And you know you have to bring home Lego soap for the kids (or, erm, yourself). How this woman is not the richest in Indiana already, I have no idea.

Green Ronin (827): The much anticipated DC Adventures should be out, as will the Pocket Edition of Song of Fire & Ice Roleplaying. This should be a very good year for GR.

Hamster Press (1235): You're probably not going to out-rules-lite Hamster Press. They have a line of hybrid board-RPG games that you'll want to check out to get. It's an acquired taste, but one worth spending a few minutes scoping out.

Heliograph (532)
: Space: 1889 is still out that, and it still has some die-hard fans. Steampunk and Victorian Sci-Fi aplenty abide here.

Hero Games (535): Hero Games is spearheading the GPA showcase booth, where a number of smaller games companies will have their wares on display. In addition, this will still be the first look many gamers will have at the new edition of HERO System.

Hirst Arts (1835): Hirst has a wonderful display of just what you can make with one or many of their various molding sets. I don’t think it’s possible to see this booth without wanting to make your own miniature terrain and buildings using their products. Every year, my gaming group and I talk about pooling our money to buy some of the molds. Maybe this year…

Indie Press Revolution (2339): IPR offers a huge array of both traditional and non-traditional RPGs from a veritable bevvy of small press companies. A great spot to find something new or catch a quick demo.

Iron Wind Metals (911): Has both sci-fi and fantasy miniatures, but what I love best are the Ral Partha classics that they've brought back.

Kenzer (615)
: Jolly Blackburn is doing original sketches, which you can get upon a certain purchase amount at the booth. The Kenzer guys are friendly, and great fun.

Kobold Quarterly (2439)
: The Kobolds have a ton of products coming out, a wheel of freebies (with $20 purchase), and their Gen Con issue of Kobold Quarterly.

Koplow Games (1315)
: Koplow sells standard dice, but is also the prime location for cheater dice. So if you see your players skulking around this booth, be careful!


Jorge Leandro said...

Hi, Zack. According to Troll Lord Games' website they will be on booth 1735. So I guess C&C fans will have plenty of material to grab. By the way, we are still waiting for the CKG. Maybe this is the time, since it was not released on TrollCon.

Darren Watts said...

BTW, Hero Games will also have Fantasy Hero for 6th Edition available for the first time anywhere at the show. Thanks!