Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gen Con Preview, Part 3

We're continuing our Gen Con coverage with the 3rd article on what to expect from some of the gaming companies that will be in Gen Con's expansive dealer room this year. Enjoy!

Dealer Hall Highlights (L-Z):

Lone Wolf Development (1417): Lone Wolf’s HeroLab software works with an ever-increasing number of RPG systems. It’s nice to stop by and get a try-before-you-buy demo, especially if you like a system like Pathfinder, Cortex, Savage Worlds, or the 3.5 OGL. I'm also looking forward to seeing more about their upcoming Tournament Ace software for minis, CCGs, and other sort of game tourneys.

Margaret Weis Productions (2020)
: Get ready for the Smallville RPG, which should be making a splash at Gen Con this year. MWP is another company with a fanbase that travels extremely well.

Mayfair Games (933/1139): Mayfair has officially jumped the Catan Shark with Catan Plushies, but they will also have the brand-new board game Age of Industry, which lets you tear it up during the Industrial Revolution. Yes, I know I am a giant nerd for thinking that sounds amazing.

Miniature Building Authority (1535): MBA always makes me feel like a poor kid looking longingly in the window of the candy store. Their miniature buildings are aesthetically stunning, but usually out of my price range. Actually, some of their prices aren't that bad, depending on what you're looking for. Another great Wish List booth…

Mongoose Publishing (421): Mongoose should be busy this year, with the release of Cults of Gloranatha and Traveller Compendium 1. Everything old is new again at Mongoose! Mongoose has also been busy raking in the IPs; we may possibly hear a hint or two about their new sci-fi setting, if we’re lucky.

North Star Games (1339): I got to play a demo of the excellent Wits & Wagers trivia board game last year, and I look forward to seeing Wits & Wagers Family Edition this year. If you’re looking to take a family game home with you, this might be a good booth to check out.

Out of the Box (1439): My wife loves board games, and she loves no booth at Gen Con more than Out of the Box Games. There are plenty of fun free game demos to be had, and I’m looking forward to the highly-anticipated board game 10 Days In The Americas. Always one of the top Gen Con booths.

Pagan Publishing (315): A great booth for Cthulhu-lovers, as always. Pagan will also have about 200 copies of their limited edition hardback Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity.

Paizo Publishing (2302): It's doubtful Paizo will see anything like the mad rush we saw for Pathfinder in 2009 (who could?), but they should stay busy with the release of the Advanced Player's Guide. Paizo should have a fun, full booth, with plenty to do.

Paradigm Concepts (1233): If Living Realms or Pathfinder Organized Play isn’t scratching your itch, you could do worse than to check out Paradigm Concepts. Their Living Arcanis Campaign (renamed to Chronicles of the Shattered Empires) was just relaunched, with a new release at Origins. The new Shattered Empires RPG itself will also be available at Gen Con. Fans of organized play may want to head over and see what it’s all about. The Witch Hunter RPG is still also plenty neat, too.

Pegasus Publishing (1801): Stop #2 on our quest for the perfect ironic gamer t-shirt! Plenty of steampunk, anti-Twilight propaganda, and math jokes here, of a decidedly mixed level of quality. And before you ask, yes, you still can shirts of unicorns, fairies, and dragons with various background scenery. Because I know that is important to you, the reader.

Pinnacle Entertainment (320): I think Savage Space 1889: Red Sands is going to be a big hit at the show--I know quite a few people planning on picking it up or having a friend stop by and do the same. Savage Worlds has really grown in the past couple of years, and I expect this booth to reflect that. The availability of the Deadlands Reloaded Player's Guide won't hurt, either.

Posthuman Studios/Sandstorm Productions/Wildfire (2009): OK, if you like your sci-fi or horror Lovecraftian (and who doesn’t), make sure you visit this booth. Not only will Posthuman’s Eclipse Phase be there, but you’ll also be able to peruse sneak copies of the upcoming Chthonian Stars, which isn’t going to be out until the fall. May make a bid for Coolest Stuff All In One Place At Gen Con.

Privateer Press (1201): Privateer always has a massive crowd around its booth. Massive. Warmachine fans travel well, you could say. They also offer a lot of casual play with prizes for your “scars” , and have some of the best volunteer event people in the business. If you’re wanting to get some minis gaming in, Privateer also has the new Voltron Battle Miniatures game. But expect a packed area.

Q-Workshop (927, 2117): This Polish dice maker is known for making some of the most beautiful (if somewhat expensive) dice sets out there. A great place to go if you're looking for ornate dice or something that will stand out.

Reaper Miniatures (1521): Reaper Minis is one of the best places to find that perfect mini. Aisles of miniatures of every type and a helpful staff make this booth a joy to visit.

Rio Grande Games (1401,1529)
: Rio Grande is a leader in hobby and board games, and they're also sponsoring free the free WiFi at Gen Con this year! Rio Grande is also stepping up with two booths and what should be an impressive display of their popular game lines, to include Carcassone and Dominion.

RootJack (506): RootJack's orange-flavored pirate- energy drink/root beer turned out to be 10 times better than I'd expected. Stop by, get a sample, and see if you agree. And yes, it does fight scurvy.

Rogue Games (1539): The Rogues are not only selling Shadow, Sword & Spell for only $13, but also Thousand Suns: Starships and Colonial Gothic's campaign Flames of Freedom: Boston Beseiged for about the same price. I think that getting SS&S for under $15 may be the best grab of the show--I'm calling it ahead of time. Yes, I'm that sure.

Scrying Eye (2739)
: Scrying Eye offers a line of dry-erase tiles printed with such scenes as inns, a keep, castle grounds, and village aspects. If, like me, you love your dry-erase maps for your gaming, you'll want to stop by. The have a sewer map set, dungeons and more due for a Gen Con release.

Tabletop Adventures (530)
: TTA will have electronic copies of the One Page Dungeon Codex, and is sharing a booth with Expeditious Retreat Press. They'll also have some old school goodness, hosting Black Blade Publishing's printing of Swords & Wizardry and some classic-style adventures. In addition. From 0e to 4e, this booth should be pretty packed.

Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures (1309)
: This minis maker has some of the most beautiful classic-style minis I've seen. If you're looking for a more classic fantasy character, you may wish to check here.

Tracy Hickman's XDM (1921): Mr. Hickman will be selling his X-Treme Dungeon Mastery at the con. He's got a lot of fans who like his brand of humorous DMing, so I'm sure it'll get some attention. Me? I just think it's cool he's at Gen Con, as always.

White Wolf (1105)
: WW is again a much smaller presence this year, as they continue to diminish from where they once were. Rumor is they'll be making some announcement at the show, but I haven't the foggiest yet what that will be.

Wizards of the Coast (1721): WotC should come back from a somewhat lackluster 2009 con with the release of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, which I believe will be available at the convention. They will also have the Castle Ravenloft board game.

Z-Man Games (215):
Z-Man is another generalist booth offering RPGs, card games, and boards games. Readers of this site might be most familiar with Cartoon Action Hour, which is a tribute to the action-packed cartoons of 80's weekend mornings.

Zack/Zachary (Houghton): OK, so I don't have a booth, but I will be walking around in my snazzy RPG Blog 2 shirt, and I'd love nothing more than to say hi to you or hear how your convention is going. I'm a chubby white guy with a goatee and short haircut at Gen Con--how difficult can I be to spot? :)


Stargazer said...

As far as I know Tabletop Adventures will also sell a few print copies of the One Page Dungeon Codex 2009. I tweaked the layout recently to make it easier to print. :)

And it's a bad idea to describe yourself by chubby white guy with a goatee. I believe 80% of all roleplayers look like that. ;)

Jeff Tillotson said...

"I'm a chubby white guy with a goatee and short haircut at Gen Con--how difficult can I be to spot? :)"

I was giving one of my players a hard time after he stabbed me in the back in the end game of Settlers of Catan. He countered with telling me he was going to find me at GenCon and bug me the whole time...

...I laughed. Told him that I'm a chubby, balding, white guy with a goatee at Gencon...I'll be camouflaged.

DNAphil said...

Shameless Plug: Studio 2 booth will have some copies of Eureka! The book from the Gnomes of Gnome Stew.

I believe that Studio 2 is both #320.

Zachary The First said...

Thanks for the updates/comments, guys!

Noumenon said...

This post was an amazing resource, and I will be RSS feeding the rest of your blog too. It used to be so hard to find out what you could do at GenCon, I just went to play Magic.

On a more critical note, I actually cleaned my monitor screen trying to get rid of that gray swirl in the background of your right-hand column. But that's probably just me.

Zachary The First said...

@Noumenon: Thank you very much! I hope the coverage can be of use to you! Gen Con can be really, really overwhelming!

Zachary The First said...

Weird! I just noticed the splotch on the background, too.