Tuesday, August 24, 2010

101 Space/Sci-Fi Role Playing Games (With Links!)

Fresh off my list of 101 Fantasy Games That Aren't D&D or Pathfinder, here's my list of 101 Space & Sci-Fi RPGs! Again, these are in no particular order, representing a huge swing of sci-fi sub-genres, so apologies to anyone I missed--I assure you, no slight meant! Have fun, and may you find something old or new that you can get into!

1) Classic Traveller
2) Star Frontiers
3) d6 Space
4) Paranoia
5) Alternity
7) Eclipse Phase
8) Nebuleon
9) HardNova 2
10) Thousand Suns
11) StarCluster 3
12) Mongoose Traveller
13) Rogue Trader
14) Dark Heresy
15) Serenity
16) Bounty Head Bebop
17) In Harm's Way: StarCluster
18) Shatterzone
19) Deathwatch
20) StarSIEGE: Event Horizon
21) Blue Planet
22) Tales from the Floating Vagabond
23) Transhuman Space
24) Hellas
25) Fading Suns
26) Traveller: The New Era
27) Starblazer Adventures
28) BASH! Sci-Fi
29) Diaspora
30) StarCluster 2
30) Gamma World (multiple editions)
32) 2300 AD
33) Encounter Critical
34) Rifts
35) Metamorphosis Alpha
36) Cold Space
37) Robotech
38) Starfaring
39) The Morrow Project
40) Burning Empires
41) FTL: 2448
42) CthulhuTech
43) Battlelords of the 23rd Century
44) Cyberpunk 2020
45) d20 Future
46) Dr. Who: Adventures In Time & Space
47) Battlestar Galactica
48) Space Opera
49) Stargate SG-1
50) MARS
51) MechWarrior
52) @ctiv8
53) Armageddon: 2089
54) Jovian Chronicles
55) MegaTraveller
56) astate
57) Septimus
58) Sufficiently Advanced
59) FTL Now
60) Alpha Omega
61) Corporation
62) Ephemeris
63) GURPS Traveller
64) Metabarons
65) Atomic Highway
66) Star Wars (WEG)
67) Star Wars Saga Edition
68) Squirrels in Space
69) Darwin's World
70) FarScape
71) EABA Fires of Heaven
72) Sweet Chariot
73) Halycon
74) EarthAD 2
75) Lightspeed
76) Star Thugs
77) Ringworld
78) Star O.R.E.
79) X-Plorers
80) Mutant Chronicles
81) Space and Steel
82) Forgotten Futures
83) Chaos Earth
84) Spaceship Zero
85) DUNE: Chronicles of the Imperium
86) Universe
87) Trinity
88) Star Hero
89) Three Sixteen
90) Prime Directive
91) Star Trek (several editions)
92) Babylon 5
93) Remember Tomorrow
94) Space: 1889
95) Mekton Z
96) Starships & Spacemen
97) Mutant Future
98) Spacemaster
99) Ex Machina
100) Mecha
101) Traveller 4th Edition


Bonemaster said...

It looks like I've played about 18 of those.

drnuncheon said...

Great list - glad to see stuff like Remember Tomorrow on there. Here's a few more:

Shock: Social Science Fiction - the first sci-fi game I ever ran into that wasn't basically a fantasy or a western in space. Really good for running Asimov or Brunner-type stories about the impact of technology on people.

Savage Worlds
Slipstream - Flash Gordon-style pulp sci-fi
Necropolis 2350 - horror military sci-fi

And while it's not a game in and of itself, GURPS Space makes an excellent companion to any game where you want a little hard science to your planetology.

Tarus said...

Heavy Gear is missing too (weird since Jovian Chronicles, also from DP9, is included).

Zachary The First said...

@Tarus: Indeed! I'm surprised I didn't list it. At least DP9 got some love.

@dr: Good adds!

@bonemaster: I need to go through and see how many I have played.

Patrick Tingler said...

Not sure why you chose the website you did for Fading Suns, but the current publisher is Red Brick. Their Fading Suns page is located at:


Allen Varney said...

I would add Wolfgang Baur's Kromosome, a 1994 worldbook for TSR's "Amazing Engine" system. Though Amazing Engine was anything but, Kromosome showed extremely sophisticated thinking, much influenced by Bruce Sterling's Schismatrix and a lot of nonfiction futurism. I consider Kromosome the most intelligent SF background in the RPG field prior to Blue Planet.

barrataria said...

It's related to d6, but the MiniSix rules contain two space mini-settings, "Imperium in Revolt" and "Perdition".


atroll said...

What? No Starfaring? My game was on the market long before most most of those noobs and has better cartoons than any of them? :P

Zachary The First said...

@atroll: Starfaring is on there, at #38! I would be remiss indeed had I not mentioned it.

Excellent links, all! 101 isn't enough!

clash bowley said...

I've read/played about 30 of these. Sweet, Zachary! :D


Rob Toth said...

Any clue if the people who made "Star Thugs" (one of the best titles I've heard in a while) are still around? The web site appears to be kaput.

Zachary The First said...

@Rob: Not sure. Looks pretty quiet.

R. K. Athey said...

For Savage Worlds there's also Daring Tales of the Space Lanes from Triple Ace games.

jaerdaph said...

Kudos on coming up with 101 without having to list all the various Star Trek RPGs separately!

Barking Alien said...

Played and/or ran at least 45 out of the 101 listed. I've gamed a lot more SF than Fantasy in my thirty-three years in the hobby and I have fond memories of many of those games with more to come I'm sure.

I additionally add:

High Colonies (Eric Holtz/Waterford Publishing House), Hunter Planet (David Bruggman/The Australian Game Group-TAGG), Other Suns (Fantasy Games Unlimited)and the Red Dwarf RPG (Deep7).

Given time I'm sure I could think of more but those are the first ones to come to mind that I didn't notice being on the list.

kelvingreen said...

If you're going to include Cyberpunk, I'd also have included Cybergeneration and Shadowrun.

And sticking with R Talsorian, there's Dream Park.

I'd also have included the various versions of Judge Dredd.

Oh! And Forgotten Futures, which is more steampunky, I suppose, but still scifi of a sort.

And you forgot 3: 16!

Jay said...

Sweet! Thanks for posting!

Zachary The First said...

@Kelvin: check #82 and #89. FF and Three Sixteen are on there. :)

@Jay: YW!

m.s. jackson said...

What?!? No Heavy Gear? For shame!

Actually, very cool idea. I think have played about 8 of those, looks like I have much to do before I die...

kelvingreen said...

So they are. Oops! ;)

da Trux said...

no James Bond 007???

first game I ever played! one of the local shops has 4 or 5 supplements for it, but no rule book or box, so I haven't picked it up.