Sunday, August 29, 2010

Free Public Beta: Synapse RPG

Greg Christopher is looking for some feedback on the free Public Beta of his Synapse RPG. If you want to check it out and possibly provide some constructive criticism on his hard work, it could be a fun project. Here's a brief quote from a post he made:

The game is a completely open-ended universal system with strong emphasis on character depth and personality. The primary elements of a character are seven mental attributes, including the namesake Synapse. In addition to these, your character chooses from 21 talents to customize precisely what their brain is good (and bad) at. This brain is then placed in a physical body. Build a race using a point-buy system from nearly a hundred biological characteristics; ranging from mandibles to turtle shells to wings to echolocation. This is followed by a similar system for culture where you define the society from which your character springs. Build any culture from Ancient Egypt to the Galactic Empire. Your character is the given life experiences using another point-buy system, where you make choices about your education, siblings, parentage, and more. All of these systems feed into a personality model to build a unique personality from 22 different motivation values. You define what exactly drives your character in their daily life. Choose from six morality models that go far beyond good and evil. On top of this, you build a network of NPCs which your character has met over the years. These NPCs integrate you into the social fabric of the game world, providing resources, contacts, allies, and more. Finally, choose from a long list of skills for any setting you need and buy your starting equipment (or property, if you are rich enough). As you can see, this game generates characters of stunning complexity.

It's an interesting tact, breaking out mental facilities as Synapse needs to do, and definitely sounds like something different. Check it out and let him know what you think.


Greg said...

Thanks Zack,

I am still interested in your thoughts on the production values like we discussed in the comments on "On Production Values" on Thursday night.

Zachary The First said...

Certainly, Greg. I will register in a bit later today and let you know! (Family plans willing!)

Carpe Guitarrem said...

Oh my, that looks complex. Not exactly my cup of tea, but quite an interesting endeavour.

DNAphil said...

Wow...that's just character creation? What is combat going to look like?

Sounds interesting, and very high crunch.

Greg said...

Combat is actually in that book too. All the resolution mechanics amount to only 17 pages. Medium crunch at the table, just a lot of work developing the character.