Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gen Con 2010 GM's Jam Video Available!

Jeff at our podcast RPG Circus has finally defeated the goblins that plagued his efforts, and the Gen Con 2010 GM's Jam video is up! Well done, Jeff! He had to splice it together from two different sources, so I'm amazed we have any video at all. You can check it out here--the video/sound quality undergoes a shift at about the one hour mark, so be warned. Jeff vows he'll return next year with better equipment, but I'm just happy we have anything.

The panel consisted of myself, Phil Vecchione of Gnome Stew, Josh Dalcher from Stupid Ranger, Jeff Uurtamo of the Bone Scroll and RPG Circus, and Mark Meredith of Dice Monkey and RPG Circus. Spotted at various intervals are bloggers and good folk like Odyssey from How To Start A Revolution In 21 Days Or Less (she totally scooped me on recommending the West Marches for sandboxing!), Trollsmyth, Micah from Obsidian Portal, and of course, Michael Wolf of Stargazer's World (who was on camera duty for the last 30 minutes of the video).

Enjoy, and thanks again to all those who participated! It was a very full room this year!


Bonemaster said...

Many of the issues were with the Blip.Tv Service. It seems they only give you a two hour block to process the video into a FLV (ie, flash video format). They also limit your files to 1 GB in size, which is why there is no HD version. Still, it did give me a lot of practice in encoding and transcoding.

If I come next year and record it. Three things need to happen.

1) I need to have tripod. It would have helped if the camera was a bit more steady.
2) Bring my A/C adapter and extension cord. Having the battery die was real bummer.
3) Better Mic/Sound. This is one that really drives me crazy. I got a shotgun Mic, but I have to say that it didn't record anyway near the quality I expected it to. I'm going to have to really investigate a better way to get the sounds into the recording. I may even have to have a separate machine recording all the audio and then splice that it.

Stargazer said...

I have encountered exactly the same issues with my recording. Alas they tell you that there's a 1 GB limit after you have been uploading for several hours already. Bummer. In the end I split my video into two parts and I had to upload the flv version separately from the mp4 one.

My recording of the seminar is available here: