Monday, August 30, 2010

No More Dragon Warriors?

Courtesy of theRPGsite, it sounds like the Dragon Warriors RPG has reached the end of the line. Apparently, the company holding the rights to Dragon Warriors wanted an increase in royalties somewhere in line of 1250%. Needless to say, Magnum Opus Press has announced that In From The Cold will be the last DW supplement from them.

Sad news, but if Dragon Warriors could survive as long of a hiatus as it had before, I'm sure it can survive this one. Sorry to all the Dragon Warriors fans out there, and to the folks and fans of Magnum Opus Press. It's an ugly side of our hobby to see.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine it making money for them elsewhere. Too bad they want to turn against the fanbase they do have.

Zachary The First said...

@Anonymous: I quite agree.

Gratuitous Saxon Violence said...

Retro-clone it?

Wyrm fighters?

Stargazer said...

Wow, the rights holders are very clever indeed! Now they get instead a lot more royalties NO royalties at all. Greed is so stupid!

Anonymous said...

The reason MOP gave on DragWars for cancelling it is that they're sick of people criticizing their pricing policy:

"IN FROM THE COLD will be the last Dragon Warriors supplement from Magnum Opus Press. Because of many reasons, but fundamentally because I've had enough of people like mikepage1968."

He tore the guy a new one!