Friday, August 27, 2010

RPG Stack Exchange

Now that it’s out of private beta and into public, I’d encourage you to go over and check out the Role Playing Games Q&A site on Stack Exchange. Now open for your questions and answers, Stack Exchange uses a firm reputation system and peer review system while being a place for you to ask all your gaming-related questions.

No, I don’t know how useful it’ll be yet, but I figure that’s what we’ll find out together.


Noumenon said...

I'm not sure stack exchange's system will work as well in RPGs as it did with programming. With code, you get rep points for answering questions that you can use to put a bounty on your own coding questions. This works great since you're very smart and therefore have very complicated questions to ask. But who's gonna go around answering "Who is Drizz't Do'urden?" all day in the hopes of finding an answer to the all-elusive "How can I make my hack-n-slash player accept a marriage to his character's own mother-in-law?"

Zachary The First said...

You may well be right....I guess we will see!

Rob Conley said...

I got good results with my what medieval city is this map closest too. That is a pretty detail oriented question.