Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We’re Pretty Lucky

Yesterday, as I was cleaning up my RPG collection (more on that tomorrow) I was thinking about all the different kinds of D&D I have on my shelf. I’ve got my old D&D Rules Cyclopedia sitting next to a copy of Swords & Wizardry. My old 3.5 D&D core books (and the couple of supplements I've kept from that edition) sit next to the Pathfinder core rulebook. Every single one of those product is support with print and pdf products, if I want them. I know my friends that enjoy 4e can say the same. Kobold Quarterly, Knockspell, Fight On!—the quality support doesn’t end. And that’s not counting newer favorites, such as the awesome Chronica Feudalis: Blue Knight Edition, Warrior, Rogue, & Mage, and Shadow, Sword & Spell. I don’t need to look far for support or a game to play.

And to top it all off, a bag of Gamescience dice sits next to it all, infused with the implied precision-edge blessing of Louis Zocchi himself, ready to be broken out on the table at a moment's notice.

Yep, it’s a pretty awesome time to be a gamer, regardless of your edition of choice.


Brunomac said...

No doubt! When I got back into gaming the other year after several years off, I was so glad to see the community buzzing!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! While it's good to see people being passionate about whatever their particular RPG of choice may be, we are fortunate to have many great options. And, as your RPG bookshelf (and my own as well) demonstrates, they can coexist together. Variety is indeed the spice of life.

Tim Brannan said...

It is an embarrassment of riches as they say. There are so many ways to play D&D now and all of them are awesome in their own way that the time spent on edition wars would be better fueled into finding ways to have more fun with the things we have!
Just today I thought of something that would be great for both D&D4 AND good old Basic D&D.

da Trux said...

as apparently the ONLY gamer on the entire internet who doesn't play ANY edition of D&D, I can say that I'm pretty sick of hearing/reading about it when I'm trying to research any other game system. Trying to find info on any fantasy game that isn't 3.who-the-fuck-cares is next to impossible anymore.

so life is good if you want to spend $800 on 25 different versions of the same game. but if you want to play fantasy using any other system, you're pretty much left in the dark.

Brunomac said...

Trying to find info on any fantasy game that isn't 3.who-the-fuck-cares is next to impossible anymore<

I haven't researched deeply, but I see references to non-D&D fantasy games all the time. There have been a lot of them. Personally, I like one game one genre - D&D for my fantasy (1st edition is all I ever used), Hero System for my Superhero/SCi Fi, and CoC for my horror.

You'll always have to hear about D&D...it is the most succesful one out there. Many many many non-D&D fantasy games sucked the big one. Another reason they don't dominate.

Zachary The First said...

@da Trux: I hope this site present a few of the options out there aside from 3.x and D&D. FWIW, I hear you about not wanting to spend $800. It's why I'm glad that so many of the retro-clones have free versions, and there are affordable games out there!

Heck, if D&D isn't your thing, look at the embarrassment of riches you have! Check out Warrior, Rogue, & Mage, Shadow Sword & Spell, Swashbuckler of the 7 Skies, BASH Fantasy, or something else! Man, check out the Zack List off the front page for some hellaciously great companies doing something different!

If you've already got your games, I apologize, I didn't mean to sound like I was lecturing--I was encouraging, instead. :)

@Bruno: Yep, there's always going to be D&D. A lot of blogs are near-exlusively focused on 4e, AD&D 1e, or whatever. This isn't one of them. There's too much good stuff out there to focus on just one game!

da Trux said...

Zach, your blog is one of the few I've found that ISN'T D&D/clone only. That's why I'm always reading and commenting!

I know I will never get away from D&D, and I was just venting frustration. But 99% of sites and blogs are about 1st edition, 3.whatever, 4th edition, Pathfinder, 1st edition clones, 3rd edition clones, etc. I simply do not understand why there is so much crap (and I do mean crap) out there for one game, no matter what edition or name-change it has. where are the Rolemaster blogs? or the Palladium Fantasy? My problem isn't with game publishers. My problem is with the gaming community (uh oh; RPGPundit rant alert!) sticking with one thing only because it's the most famous. D&D is like the U2 or Pearl Jam of gaming. not that deep once you scratch the surface, but the legions of fans can not be swayed from their devotion to mediocrity. like ICP and Juggalos, it's almost religious in zeal, despite the fact that there are other games that cost far less, by companies that actually care far more about their customers.
okay, I apologize for getting worked up.

Brunomac said...

My problem is with the gaming community (uh oh; RPGPundit rant alert!) sticking with one thing only because it's the most famous<

No rant bro, but I think that is a super ignorant thing to say.

Sounds like you are kind of angry about games and are the one ready to rant. If you can't find an alternate to D&D (tons out there)and resort to pissing about those who like it, then I can only feel you are not trying hard enough. Really, life is too short to bitch. Find a game you like and leave each to his own rather than lather up over other gamer's preferences. Reality check dude.